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YAY - Holiday Cash for Cache Toys

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Hey all.


I've come into some holiday cash courtesy of early Xmas presents and some accumulated Channukah gifts (yes, we celebrate both in my home) and I am thinking of upgrading my Magellan Meridian.


It's about four or five years old. It's the basic yellow and black model. It takes an SD card and has been with me to Europe and FL and all over. I like the unit, but want to know from others if they think there are MUCH better machines available these days.


I like the ability to load different maps on different cards and then swap them.

I like the waterproofness.

I want something a little smaller

I have a Macintosh and WOULD love a unit that seamlessly works with my Mac (right now I have to borrow access to a PeeCee to get any maps loaded.


Thanks in advance!!


OH YES - What does the little 'r' mean on GPSr????????



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If you like Magellan and like the ability to have different maps and caches on different cards, then I would suggest you look at an explorist 500 or LE. You can put different folders on ONE SD card and load different maps and caches within the different folders. Then instead of swapping cards in and out you just activate which set you wish to use. Can't help you with the Mac question though.

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