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My favorite person of the week in Geocoins!

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Ah! The life of living in a small town!


Expecting a large delivery of coinage.

Tracking shows it to possibly be delivered tomorrow. ;)



I have everything shipped to my day job at the sign shop.

We will be closing at the end of the day and will not be back until Wed of next week.


When our postman came in today I told him I was holding him responsible for taking care of my babies until we get back. (He knows I love getting my "special" padded envelopes & boxes :o )

He told me to give him my home number and he'd call me in the morning if the package came in and he would meet me somewhere!!


Problem Solved!! :o


All Hail Peter the Postman!!





D-man :o

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Our Mail Carrier is awesome!!! When we were moving in here a few weeks ago and the moving company "lost" a few key pieces of hardware for one of the kids cribs. I was attempting to cut a metal rod into smaller metal dowels to replace the parts missing. Without any of my tools being unpacked except a hacksaw I wasn't having any luck. Our Mail Carrier actually stopped during his route to give me at least 10 mins of assistance. Really Really Great Guy!!!!


Plus he brings us all of our treasured coins too!!!! :o

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That is so cool!

Once I was on Block Island, off the coast of RI, a small island 13 miles out. I flipped my kayak in the surf and lost my glasses. I have 20-20 hindsight, but I'm blind as a bat without them! I had to call the mainland, to CT, to order a pair of contact lenses shipped over, since the island has no eye doctor and no vision stores. Three days I kept calling the post office to see if they came. For three days I couldn't see where I was swimming and having fun. When they came in, the postmaster knew which house I was in and called to tell me they had arrived. Most all of the letter carriers around here are great too.

Merry Christmas to our Postal Service! And everyone.

I hope Peter gets to see this thread, heeheeheee! :o If he does, Hi Peter! You're too cool!

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My mailwoman has got to wonder what's up with all the padded mailers I get, but has never said a thing when I actually see her. She must think I'm nuts. :huh:



Over the summer, we had a substitute delivery gal for a week. This was probably the week that I was sending and receiving the majority of my personal trades. One afternoon, I met her halfway down the walk with a few outgoings, we exchanged packages and as we were parting, she very politely and with all seriousness said: "Have a good day, Mr. Yime". :(

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Can't let this go, without a shout out to my mail carrier, ROBERT, who is awesome, too. He has gone beyond the call of duty on many occassions for me. My mailbox is actually a brick enclosed commercial trashcan :huh: (yep, it's true), so it can hold a lot of stuff. It also means that things get scattered all over the place when dropped in the mailbox. HOWEVER, Robert always rubberbands everything into a nice, neat package for me. So, thanks to a lot of good postal carriers. A shout out and high five to PETER the postman and BILLYPILOT. Keep up the good work. You guys rock! :(

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Saturday december 23, 2006; will aways be the day I remember the post office here in Northern Manitoba calling me at home to tell me they had a priority post package and i could come down and pick it up.


I have never ever heard of this, the post office first of all being open on a Saturday, secondly calling anyone to tell them they had a package for anyone...WOW!


Regardless if this may have been the Queens Messenger service policy this ranks pretty high up in my scale of going beyond the call of duty.


Thanks Canada Post and all your Employees. Oh ya all over one Pkg of Satillite coins to boot.

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Well, I hate to be the one and only who doesn't like postal workers, but...


The last 3 places I've lived the Snail Persons have been less than great.


California we were 1 block from the post office, less than 1 mile, yet we were on a training route (thats what we were told) so pretty much every day we had a diff mail person, and mail usually didnt arrive untill 5-6pm. when we did finally get a semi-regular guy he would stand at the mailboxes smoking while delivering the mail.


Apartment in Arizona here, mailman was an real Adam Henry (figure it out), he would come around 2pm or so, not too bad, but he always sat in his truck smoking and took a long time to fill the boxes, he would stand around with boxes open socializing with a specific tenant, and always had an attitude to me at least if I ever even said Hi, he refused to take mail unless you dropped it in the drop off in the front office. I just have nothing nice to say about this guy.


Here in my Condo in AZ the mail usually gets delivered around 6-7pm. they NEVER even attempt to deliver packages, they just drop them off at the front office and sometimes leave notes in the box telling you so (although not always) and since the front office closes at 6pm, usually they are closed by the time the mail comes and you find out you have a package. This makes me VERY angry because theres ALWAYS someone home at my place, ALWAYS. Yes I've called the Post office and they wont do anything.


At the Post Office itself, It all depends, usually the guys are Jerks and the females are cool. meaning the females are fast friendly and helpful. the guys are usually wanting to add extra charges and make me fill out extra paperwork I've been told by others I don't need.


OH, and I almost forgot, My PO Box where I have all my trades sent, its convenient, the lobby is open 24/7, and all mail is SUPPOSE to be in boxes by 10am. it never happens. noon if your lucky. I usually just drop by on the way home from work which is after 10pm.


Don't even get me started on UPS. when given the option I will pay extra for ANYONE but UPS.

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I want to thank Sharon and Michele, the Two that operate my local Post Office. When I have several mailers arrive, they always put them in a large package box instead of my regular PO Box. That way, the mailers don't get torn up when I get them out.


Also, they are very patient when Mrs, Shop99er, or me, or both of us show up with a box full of HFGcC coins, Hazard coins, or whatever to get mailed out.

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