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Pocket Query Idea

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I was thinking. Would it be possible to get a PQ of all of a states caches? I realize that that can be a huge amount of caches, especially in CA and such places. Maybe the entire PQ be broken up into smaller, more manageable PQ's. Maybe you could have it run one massive PQ and have it count for your 5 PQ's for the day.


I realize bandwidth is a problem, but some states would not have a massive amount of caches; no more than some finders would bring in by pulling their finds PQ. What do you think?

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I was thinking. Would it be possible to get a PQ of all of a states caches?


You CAN do a PQ of a state - Just in 500 batches, 5 per day.


Choose, "WITHIN" and click the state, and leave the "FROM ORIGIN" as "NONE SELECTED"


Then break it down with the dates placed: Jan 1 2000 - Apr 14 2002 (or whatever date will get you close to 500). Then do ANOTHER query with Apr 15 2002 - Aug 24 2004 (again, whatever date range is one day later than the end of the previous one, and will give you a 500 cache query.


If you have less than 2500 caches in your state, you'll get them all in one day.


No extra programming necessary - and only those that REALLY want an entire state will use it. If you have something like "Download all of California", LOTS of people will use that and suck the bandwidth.




That being said, I believe that there IS a need for "standardized" pocket queries that could be downloaded. I'd love to see something like a list of "stock" queries that are available for download, and are only generated once daily (not e-mailed but available through your "My Geocaching Page" with a download link that changes daily to some random GUID and checks against your login). That would be cool for platinum* members.


*J/K: There's no platinum membership, although I'd pay an extra service fee for this

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