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Sorry Ossifer!

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This is especially for those who will be doing some travelling! :)


There is a file that is mostly updated weekly on www.garmap.co.za that has all the locations of permanent speed cameras, areas where mobile traps are often located, red light cameras, and areas of hazard (hi-jack zones, bad roads etc.)


These are GPX files that you can load onto your GPS using Garmins POILoader, and you can set to alert you when you either come within a certain radius of the point, or when you're travelling faster than the given speed limit (info included on each point).

This information is updated by GPS users around South Africa. People email in new traps etc that are not on the data base. Sharing is caring! :o


Great little tool to have! :o



I'll post more details on this in the new year! :D

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In the UK they have that great sign (white with black stripe) which says the speed limit applies for the type of road. Sadly, it's all inconsistent here.


So many of our roads now have speed limits which change every couple of km's all the way from 120 through to 60 and back up again. It's nice to have a reminder as sometimes one get's caught in the flow of the traffic... and yes the whole herd gets fined except for the speeding bullet in a certain german vehicle doing 200 that never seems to get caught.


I've never quite understood the idiots who complain that they got caught for speeding when doing 140... DOH!


Also, they provide POI's for hazards. Never come across one, but these can be useful as that great donga on the N2 isn't always signposted.

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Shouldn't we all rather just obey the speed limits?

:) Why? :P

All jokes aside, as responsible people we should, but do we always obey the limits??? NO, we don't.

This data base helps for those nasty “little” fines where you just exceeded the speed limit by a kilo or two.

Excessive speeding cannot be condoned and I'm sure this is not the intension of the people that posted here to do so.

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And then dawned the era of speed trapping over distance point to point. We just got back home today and on the N3 towards Durban this is a pilot project, but never fear it still does not bother people while doing the 120 people were still wizzing past me.


Indeed. This was piloted in the UK (by a south african company) and the concept was that the fine would already be deducted from your bank account before you got home :anitongue: think there are a few legal issues.


Anyway, someone travelling at 160 only has to stop for a few seconds to get his average below 120 again.


Must say that on our drive down, there weren't too many speedsters. Then again, wait for weekend of the 06 Jan and the N3 becomes tha highway from hell.... if you don't travel 150 you get pushed off the road! Hope they lock a few people up.


Travel safe.

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