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I found it

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THought I would add my two cents, but I only had a nickel, so I took the dollar bill for change, ripped it up into 100 equal peices, and took 3 of them, and left the other 97. Realized later that day that it didn't work like that when the salvation army kettle guy smacked me for dropping in 3 peices of a dollar, so i returned to the cache and got my nickel back. TFTC!



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:anitongue:December 31 by DcCow (123456)


I'm sure I saw this cache in somebody's pocket at an event somewhere! Sorry but I didn't sign the log as I wasn't gonna put my hand in their pocket! TFTC


Happy New Year



Hey now THERE'S an idea! Instead of attendees asking "Is that a cache in your pocket" they have to reach in each other's pockets to find the cache!


Could be called 'Mugger Caching' or in the right group it might turn into 'Swinger Caching'! :anitongue:

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