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NavyTimes sponsered caches


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In the 30 October 2006 issue of the NavyTimes magazine, in the Lifelines section, there is an item, headlined "Like free stuff? Try Geocaching". "As part of our Best Month Ever road trip, we've planted geocaches filled with goodies....", continuing, "We're not going to tell you what's in the Best Month Ever geocaches..." The item continues with a short introduction to Geocaching.


If you go to their website at NavyTimes there is an item, "Find free stuff!", that states "You'll find the coordinates at www.navytimes.com" (You need a subscription to go beyond this point).


My friend has a subscription and we tried to find the coordinates (or any further information) but all we could find was a dupe of the paper copy of the same item.


Anyone have more on this?

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I wonder if ArmyTimes did the same thing. I'll have to check...


Edit: I searched their archives and it looks like they ran the same article in all their editions:

The Best Month Ever crew hit the road in October to cover the military-only Wilderness Challenge in Fayetteville, W.Va.; the Machine Gun Shoot at Knob Creek Gun Range in Westpoint, Ky.; and the Bridge Day BASE jumping event at the New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia.


I can't find anything else though - my guess is that it was only on the site for a limited time since it was a monthlong promotion. Through Army Times, though, the writer of the article can be contacted via email.


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The 2 Oct issue had no mention.

The 9 Oct had a full page "Best Month Ever" article but no mention of Geocaching or Geocaches.

The 23 October they had a small "boxed" item with casual mention.

Nothing more was found in the big pile of issues I have sitting here.


It's unclear to me if they actually placed caches or simply placed prizes in pre-existing caches.


I'll e-mail the writer.

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Received a immediate response from the writer and learned that the caches still exist but:

- There were 5 caches placed, Virginia, W Virginia, Kentucky, & Tennessee

- They are not official Geocaching.com caches

- They are one-time finds

- Only one has been claimed so far


Most importantly (to me) none are in my area.

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