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Earthcache and TB's


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:D First I would like to say that it is great that Earthcaches are back. :D


I would like to see a feature added. At present there is a place on the Earthcache page that shows inventory like all other cache pages including Virtuals. However when I go to log my find it does not permit my dropping a TB or coin. Since I have a TB that I log into every cache I find this feature would be nice on the Earthcaches.


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I second the motion. I use a personal TB to track the mileage between caches I've found. I'd like to include the few Earth caches I've found in that mileage.


BTW - we'll be passing through your area next week. We fly into DFW and then will be driving up to Wichita Falls to visit our daughter and her family. Because of timing our caching will be restricted to the Wichita Falls area with maybe an exploratory trip into OK to gain another state.

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I really don't think that dropping TBs at Earthcaches is a good idea.


It could possibly confuse land mangers, who would want to know why there was "something left there" if there was no container. It could also confuse new geocachers, for the same reason ("I know there has to be a container here, because someone left a TB here").


I might suggest that there be some way to "log a TB visit" to an earthcache, but some folks are already upset that there are already so many options for TBs (found-- grabbed --discovered).

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