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How long has your longest tb lasted..

team lagonda

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I´ve only sent out one and it has been travelling in the US for a year now and attended GeoWoodstock 5 and Geo Jamboree 5 .

Unfortunately people doesn´t care much for the mission"To find out what cachers around the world knows about Sweden" or maybe they don´t know anything as only a few have written comments.

But never mind, it´s fun to see how it moves from cache to cache and it makes me happy to see that people is bringing the TB with them, thank you

TB Sweden

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I released a national park TB last November, and it's traveled only 300 miles - never left Nebraska even!


However, I sent out a Chronometer geocoin on 4/23/07, and it's traveled 7786.7 miles! It visited a Nano Event in CA, GW5, and is currently sitting in a cache in Germany! Very cool! :P

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My first TB to finish its mission is now back home. My Panda Bear TB started life as swag in Panda-MOAN-ium (GCXZ6G). This is a great multi that was hidden in honor of my 1K celebration. A large group of us were FTF on it following my 1K event. Anyway, I have had a fear of Pandas (long story) since I was a small child. Some of my caching buddies thought a panda-themed cache may help me overcome my fears. They were right!


So, it had the mission of getting to China (from Memphis, TN). It started out on September 26, 2006. It arrived in China on March 8, 2007. On its way back to Memphis, it stopped by The Original Stash and Groundspeak Headquarters (very cool!). It made it back home on December 8, 2007 after a total of 16813.6 miles.


I have retired it but will take it to events for discovery.

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I just posted an update on a series of TBs my classes have been putting out --the first one went out Sept 24, 2004 from southern Indiana.


Update for those of you watching the TBs the class has put out. How about a little comparison?

******and some THANKS to all the nice folks who have helped us along the way, too!******


CHS GENERALS 2004-2005 The 1st of our school bugs.

Most recent log made 9/17/2007: bruins_team retrieved it from Go Fast or Go Home in California, USA


Our first bug to visit another country (Canada). Has been to Alaska. Our most extensively traveled TB. This bug seems to find it's way into the hands of photographers quite often and has the most images (26).

Total miles traveled: 13874.1


CHS Generals 2005-2006

Most recent log made 2/19/2008: Ten point nine retrieved it from The Truffelator - Kings Wood View in the United Kingdom.


Our most distantly travelled bug. Quickly left the US for the United Kingdom and been travelling there very well (Those folks really write great logs!)

Total miles travelled: 6636.9


CHS General 2006-2007

Most recent log 1/26/2008: sbarosko placed it in On the (not so) beaten track


Our second tag to go to Alaska (though just barely, at Blue Eyed Peas Mendenhall Glacier Travel Bug Lodge (visit link) and to visit Canada. Currently only 455 miles from "home" but voted "most likely to sit and go nowhere until spring" by the classes that are watching it.

Total miles travelled: 7472


CHS 2007-2008 waiting to go out soon

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