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Don't you just LOVE it when someone posts a picture?


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Inspired by THIS thread.


It's GREAT to get a picture posted on your TB isn't it?


Share some of your favorites that others have posted to your Travel Bugs and Coins.


I'll start:


MaxB always includes a nice picture on TB pages. :)



It's interesting to SEE the other bugs my TB meets.



And the geocachers TOO:








Never hurts to have a pic of a BABE too.




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It is nice when cachers take the time to do some photos :grin:


Our first released TB was a green helicopter, he didn't "live" long but had some nice photos taken of him....

Meeting the Colonel!



Chopper Found a REALLY BIG Georgia Peach!



My Black Jeep TB visiting with other Jeeps, as requested :)


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I would very much like to find that Pocahontas TB...


She's actually putting my Babel Fish TB in her ear.


She might have thought better of it if she knew sweaty 'ol John Force had touched it.



Tony Schumacher knew what to do with it.


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That last pic off the first post of the Babble fish was taken at SEPAG storms the castle! hehe I know where that TB is going :(


These are some pics I took for Philbert the Duck TB... I think he is in Rhode Island now..




Jay from MatchMaker at the Starland Ballroom in Sayersville NJ




Dah bears.....


There were a whole mess of pictures I took of Philbert. I just sent out my own TB's and I cant wait to see what pictures get posted.

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Thats pretty nifty.... is there a link to this guys profile? I'd like to see more.




Hi, glad you liked the pictures we took. My son and I took a wonderful cross-country trip - 21 states in 28 days and we found 253 caches in addition to visiting many scenic parts of the country. We tried to help along as many TBs as we could - there were several we were able to take all the way to their destination and several others that we logged a lot of states and miles for. Logging all those TBs (I think at one point we had about 18 of them!) took quite a bit of time and even taking the pictures took awhile because we had to take the TBs out of their bags and pose them all, then put them back in the bags afterwards...so it's really nice to hear that the TB owners appreciated that! I think I have a few more that I never did post...I should go back through all my pictures and post any that I missed.

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It sure seemed like you were flying through states. Were you on a motorbike? (Maybe RV's go that fast? :P:) )


It looked like fun and my ten year old daughter REALLY appreciated her bug's trip.


Thank you.

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interesting post, see the photos I took for Presidential Seal of Approval I helped this bug achieve it's goal and so much more. It's owners were very happy and excited with it's progress after I finally dropped it off. If it was my bug, I'd be jealous!


Max B gets nice photos too, I've been to their place where their TB hotel is located. They always take a photo of every bug on the deck railing there. I've got pics of my bugs there too. It's nice to have such a dedicated bug mover so close to home, yet I still have not met them in person! lol


edited to add photos of bug mentioned above.....






Presidential Seal at it's goal of the White House




In the Rotunda at the National Archives, where the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and other famous documents are housed...




At Arlington National Cemetery, you can see the Washington Monument and other famous DC landmarks in the distance




not a great photo, but the Vietnam Memorial




In front of the Wright Brothers Memorial at the site of the first flight. (btw, that huge monument is a benchmark!)




Cape Hatteras Lighthouse




Atlantic Ocean


I didn't take as many of this Partners in Caching geocoin, but it did get a photo of it's real-life resemblance!

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It sure seemed like you were flying through states. Were you on a motorbike? (Maybe RV's go that fast? :P:) )


It looked like fun and my ten year old daughter REALLY appreciated her bug's trip.


Thank you.


It was a lot of fun - a trip my son and I should remember fondly forever. No, not a bike or an RV...a minivan. I'd have preferred to take the car which gets better gas mileage, but all the stuff we had for a 4-week trip wouldn't fit. We managed to get the minivan into and out of some pretty remote areas (like where GC12 and GC17 are) unscathed, but there were a few places I'd have much rather had a 4WD.


We took 9 days to get from NC to Oregon, then spent a week there, which is when we went to the site of the very first geocache (called a "stash" then) and found GC12 (second oldest remaining) and GC17 (another of the very early caches). When we left Oregon, we spent 14 days making our way across the northern part of the country.


During the trip, we visited the Pacific Ocean (at Cape Lookout, OR which has a cache with spectacular views on a cliff 500' above the ocean!), the Atlantic Ocean (at Virginia Beach), 3 of the Great Lakes, plus the Badlands and Mt. Rushmore in SD, Tetons and Yellowstone in WY, Craters of the Moon in ID, the headwaters of the Missouri River in MT, and a bunch of other less famous, but still interesting places. We averaged about 300 miles a day, but still packed in a lot of things...with all the stops we made, a lot of our days took from about 9am to 10pm - about 4-5 hours driving and 8-9 hours of caching and sightseeing.


And, yes, many of those logs were entered at 11pm or midnight after we arrived at the motel and were pretty tired, but we got several nice notes from TB owners, so we know our efforts were appreciated and it was definitely worth it.

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I was in Washington DC for a conference in June, bought some keychains, came home to SoCal and made them into travel bugs. MaxB got ahold of one, and it quickly got into the hands of Tsmola who took it back to DC within about a month and posted all those wonderful pictures!


We just love to find cachers who will take the time to post the photos and become our online friends. MaxB tells us that we are now about 4th in the world of travel bug owners (releasing more and more each month), so we love to watch them go around the world to places we may never go......

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Six Pack Travel Bug... TBYZE0




Vern... :laughing:


<image edited by moderator - note to all: please do not post images of tracking numbers anywhere - always turn the tag over for photographing - please remove any images showing the tracking numbers from cache and travel bug/geocoin logs>

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While I will personally never be able to go to Europe (unless I win the lottery! :D ) I sent this TB by way of a local cacher that was vacationing in England.





One of the request of the TB mission is that the mover take pics and tell a bit about it, so I can cyber-tour Europe through caches. B)


Here are a few of my favs.


The first pic submitted on it's journey - Chapel at No. 38 cache in Bradford-On-Avon, England



The grave of sweet fanny adams - GCED7C (I love graveyard caches!! SO MUCH HISTORY!! B) )



Pic of Salisbury Cathedral from a hot air ballon. It has the tallest spire in England!



The_American_Tourist with one of the wooden Park Wardens after being released from the cache at Avon Heath Country Park, a natural woodland park in Dorset in the UK.



This is high point on the Isle of Purbeck - this view looking towards Kimmeridge Bay



View from the National Trust Tea room...



...and a good excuse for jam, clotted cream, scones and a cup of tea.

I loved this one!! :anibad: What would a trip to England be without a "spot of tea" & scones!! B)



This is my favorite pic on it's journey so far!

Durdle Door



With the dominance of Lance Armstrong in the Tour de France we got interested in "watching" cycle racing (as much as we can find it on US TV :D ) And YES! even without Lance! B)

So, one of the goals of the TB was to hopefully get it's pic took at the Tour de France. Extra Kudos if taken at the finish line!!

A cacher with a good sense of humour provide this pic...


Not exactly what I had in mind... But hey! It works!! :oB)B)


D-man B)

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here is one of mine :mad:


found two more today!





<image edited by moderator - note to all: please do not post images of tracking numbers anywhere - always turn the tag over for photographing - please remove any images showing the tracking numbers from cache and travel bug/geocoin logs>

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Blue Donkey TB, now dissapeared, wanted to visit Mexico...






With the "Real" Chicken Little !




TB Ronaldinho who wanted to see a Soccer World Cup game in Germany last summer... he didn't make it to the game but reached Germany in time... still great pics !




And the best... Youkolele who wanted to visit the Alps...






And the best one... :o



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