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I'll say thank you here....


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:D Oh my goodness!! Was that reindeer hooves tapping on the mailbox this morning? :)


Yes, indeedy it was !! How absolutely cool to get a sparkly snowflake in today's mail, stamped Merry Christmas and with a happy little elf stamped on the package too. No postmark... but Santa doesn't need one!!



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Today I received 10 coins I ordered, 5 more in a blockbuster trade, even arranged a trade to cover I trade that I could no longer make without help, but what's this white mailer with no address?


Wait a minute....


I didn't order this....






I will set out extra cookies for you with a MKH to log as a FTF!! (I'll make sure the reviewer doesn't publish until late on the 24th so Lynn doesn't find it first!)


Merry Cachemas to everyone, even the muggles!!

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I got this coin today too!! yipee!!! What a GREAT day today is!! yipee!! :)


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!


I go absolutely nuts when I get an unexpected coin in the mail and this one is a beauty!!!!!!! yipee!!!!! **giggles** :) Then if I'm not nuts enough...the mystery of a mystery coin drives me even more nuts (in a good way of course!!) :D


Thank you so much for brightening my day!! I LOVE this gorgeous Christmas coin!! yipee!!!!


Merry Christmas right back at ya!!




Ditto, I got one yesterday and had no idea! Thanks, whoever you are!

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I just spent the last day and a half in the hospital after my daughter got a bad infection in her leg and had to have an operation . She is feeling a lot better today.


This afternoon, I get home and I see this weird little guy with pointy ears and and funny little suit, standing on a wooden crate and dropping something in my mailbox. He jumped off and ran off when he noticed me.


There were a few mailers in the mailbox, but there was one white one with just my name on it. No return address or anything else. Inside, I found a blue snowflake on glittering snow. So today, I got two of my wishes come true. My daughter's health and a Santa coin.


So, I have two people to thank today. The Big Guy up above and the Big Guy up North. Thank you both, this is going to be a great Christmas. I've said this a few times before, but I'll say it again. You have to believe.


Thank you with all my heart.

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These mystery Christmas coins are bring lots of smiles to people's faces!!! Here's my log from when I was first to find at "Twas the Night," yesterday:


'Twas Christmas day and all the presents were open; Breakfast was eaten and the dogs were all hopin'.

So I called the hounds and pulled out the truck; Corky, Ingrid, and Mesa knew they were in luck.


Victor, Mons, Billie too knew the time had come; To be harnessed and hitched up to pull and run.

But wait, an e-mail arrived just a few hours before; The short trip to Creamers now featured a detour.


Corky hopped out of the truck, nose to the air and ground; I asked, "where is it?" There's a cache to be found!

He sniffed and I looked, 'rousing ev'ry dog in the 'hood; But if we had to be late for training, we would.


Suddenly, a glint caught me eye, what could it be? A 2006 Christmas Mystery coin, that made me say "Gee!"

"How cool is this!" I exclaimed as I looked at it; "Now where's the cache?" so I can make this find legit?


The log was soon in hand and not easily signed by me; It was too cold at minus seven to do feats of dexterity.

I called to thank PedalPushin for the cool FTF prize; But he denied all knowledge of swag of any size.


So I pondered long and hard, "just how could this be?" And settled logically on "in Santa I believe!"

I'll certainly remember cache number eight-fifty; As one found on a special day and especially nifty!

Thank you Santa!!!

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Just when I was beginning to think that Santa was a myth, out of the blue a beautifull geocoin landed in my lap (so to speak) as a result of the Portuguese branch of the SDC (Santa Distribution Centre). So a BIG thank you to Santa and his little Portuguese elf. :huh:


The story:

1- Leave the house with 6 caches in mind.

2- The first turns out to be one where you have to know your kaballah alphabet backwards, so on to the next one.

3- A whole lot of religion later at GCZW2H and GCZWBW, we finally get to GCZR4F and JACKPOT!



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