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UFD travel bug

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I still havent recived my UFD travel bug. :( I ordered it about 3 weeks ago and really want to get it started. can anyone give me a reason why i might not have recived it yet?



Also i have a TB in oldham which could do with moving south so if anyone from the north west is going down south please stop into alexandra (oldham, lancashire) and take him south.

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I still havent recived my UFD travel bug. :( I ordered it about 3 weeks ago and really want to get it started. can anyone give me a reason why i might not have recived it yet?



You might want to send an email to gc.com.


You could also try submitting another order.



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thanks for all your answers. I ordered mine about 2 days after they were launched and the advert is still on the gc.com homepage now so i dobt they would have run out by then.


If anyone in the UK or outside of the states has recived their UFD travel bug please let us know. Cheers

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I'm in Georgia, USA and I ordered one on December 6. I've posted in a couple of threads here concerning the U4DB bugs, it appears many have received theirs within a week or so but I have not yet received the one I requested.


I sent an email to Groundspeak concerning this, and an order for some regular bugs I ordered recently too - waiting to hear back. I sent the email early this morning, it's midday here now.


Perhaps the first few requests were expedited quickly but as the momentum grows it takes a bit longer to get them out? I don't know...


When I placed my request I did not get any sort of confirmation email or anything to acknowledge the order - did anybody else? I don't want to submit a new order unless I know for certain that the one I placed didn't go through for some reason - but I didn't encounter any problems on the website when I did place the request.


Guess we'll have to wait and see :o



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True enough - I wasn't thinking about that at the beginning of the month :o


I did receive an email back from Eric at Groundspeak regarding regular bugs I'd ordered - they've been processed and mailed - maybe I'll get them in time to be stocking stuffers - maybe not ... I left that order late so that one's my fault ...


Kudos for the quick reply from Groundspeak.


*Maybe* my U4DB TB will be in today's mail :o



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Did any one else's UFD TB come postage due? I had to pay the postoffice $3.66US to get it.


Someone must have missed the stamp machine with that one.

I'm sorry that happened to you. They were obviously not shipped from Groundpseak, why ship them twice? They must be getting shipped directly from the tag maker, or the Unite For Diabetes people.

Thank you for taking possession of the Travel Bug anyway. I suppose you could have said "return to sender" but where's the fun in that? There might not have been any left after that!

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