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Garmin City Navigator North America NT V8 DVD


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Ok, so I used Froogle to try and find a few of the lower prices out there as Amazon is only discounting the non NT version as far as I can see. Seems like every place is out of stock though and I'm looking to get it before I take a trip on Dec. 21st. I initially ordered from planetGPS, but they ended up running out of stock that day and won't get anymore until at least the 20th.


Anyone know of a place where it's available? I liked the PlanetGPS deal, cheaper than MSRP and they offered free overnight shipping, but that only helps if the product is in stock, ha.




PS. I would like to note that the communication from PlanetGPS was very quick and I would shop with them in the future. They let me know the day I ordered that the product had just run out of stock and they kept me up to date by email each day until they found out when it would be coming in.

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Well I haven't bought it yet, but Provantage does appear to have 5 in stock at the time I write this ($110). The problem there is they don't offer a reasonable price for 2-3 day shipping. I need the software before next Thursday, so I can load it up before I leave. Their 2 day shipping is over $16.


I called REI (great suggestion) as they just sent me an email for $20 off any purchase over $100 (use the code HOLIDAY), but they only have the non-NT version. I'm considering just buying the non-NT version as the only difference seems to be the size due to different compression. I've got a 2GB microSD card, so it really doesn't matter whether the maps are just under 1GB (NT) or 1.6GB (non-NT).


Anyone know if the non-NT version would be slower due to the bigger maps? If theres a performance increase/decrease, that would be enough to sway me one way or the other, but map size alone I could really care less about.






PS. I also just found this, not a big deal for me being in the DC area, but thought it was worth mentioning (taken from GPSCentral.ca):


City Navigator NT v8 includes the same fully routable detailed maps and coverage areas found on Garmin's City Navigator North America v8.

NOTE: City Navigator North American NT v8 includes DMTI postal code support for Canada, which is not included on old format City Navigator North America V8

NOTE: Since NT data is compressed differently than Garmin's other products, it can only be used with compatible Garmin products. Since not all units will understand MapSource NT, if you own one unit which does but another which does not, the second unit unlock will not be available to the NT incompatible unit.

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I ordered a PDA keyboard from Provantage got it the next day with ground shipping. I was pleasantly surprised.


Well it seems one of the nice things Provantage has going for them is like Amazon, they have multiple warehouses. If your item is in a warehouse closer to you, it will ship from there. Unfortunately for me, the software would be coming directly from them. While I need it by Wednesday, it would be nice to have it earlier so I can get familiar with it.


I think I'm just going to head over to REI today and pick up the regular non-NT version, $110 sounds pretty good to me.



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