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MISSION: Secret Geocoin Santa


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I opened up my mailbox today and there was a hand decorated package with a return address of the North Pole. With trembling hands I ran inside and started to open it deciding not to wait a whole week until Christmas (don't tell on me). It took several minutes to open as I think Santa owns stock in the tape company :D When I finally got it open, I found a set of gold and silver Bad Andy coins, a Geodiamond and a silver Castleman!




much to my surprise there was also something very special that I just HAD to share with everyone. It's a hand made, personalized ornament! Santa you are the greatest!!!! :):D:D



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Santa arrived today. He brought me a micrologger, a feng shui and a lizardtoadz decypher coin.




He also brought a Zuma coin for a little "job" I did for him last week.


Thanks Santa!!


I had no idea the Zuma coin was as rare as it turns out to be. Normally, I drop my geocoins into caches, but I think I'll hang onto this one.


Thanks santa!!!

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I went away for a little R&R and who should have come by while I was gone but Secret Geocoin Santa, YIPEEEEEEEEEE :D


Like everyone else I find it so much fun to give to others and I want my Santa to know how appreciative I am. I wish I knew how to do all those great character designs like "Parents of Sam", I would be doing back flips clear across the page.


:) Thanks also to Fluttershy for making all this possible. :D

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Secret Santa sent a package

A package in the mail

A German coin to travel wide

At our home it will not hide!


An Oakcoin mystery coin to share

Since sharing coins makes each day fair!

A Cog & Gil that's new to me

And a awesome nickel of wood to see!


To my Secret Santa and all the rest

Grateful thanks, you're just the BEST!


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Santa came! Santa came!


I got:

- Schuylkill County

- Cache is King

- United We Cache

- Great Smokey Mountains National Park


Santa went above and beyond the call - mahalo.


This was a lot of fun - sort of like finding caches and seeing what's inside (but better 'cuz you KNOW it's gonna be good).


Thanks to Santa. Thanks to Fluttershy for coordinating, and thanks to all who participated!


Mele Kalikimaka :)

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Yay! My package came today and I received:

* Footrax

* Anza-Borrego

* Ranger 216 train


Thanks to whoever sent the coins! Happy holidays! :)



... and it was cool to read that the coins I mailed made it to their destination ok. Fun stuff!

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Heh, Santa's a lil embarrased here. My secret santa's coins showed up today (with a card, nice touch!). And nope, I didn't have any of them.


Here's what I got

2006 Arizona (always said if I was forced to leave Minnesota, I'd want to moveto Flagstaff)

Great Smoky Mountains

And my personal favorite of the bunch

A black nickel lildorkfish geocoin (Always thought this was a cool coin and icon, I'd seen one once briefly)


As for this Santa, my coins WILL be in the mail tomorrow, sending post haste. Sorry about the delay, my elf just got me the coins today, I wanted to make sure I got something my person didn't have, as they already had all the coins I was prepped with. I've included something a lil extra for my tardiness, I'm hoping you'll be all the happier.

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I am so pleased that this is such a success! I appreciate all of your

Thanks, but it's really the enthusiasm of the whole group that really

made this all possible.


I love reading all of the posts, especially today. What is amazing to me

is that the due date for mailing your Missions isn't until this Thursday, and many

of you have already begun to receive your Coins! This means, that many people

packaged up their Missions as soon as they received them, and Posted them right away.


This isn't a negative reflection of those who are still preparing their Missions, by the way!


After a lull from my Surge of Shopping Sprees for Geocoins, I was totally shocked to find

a few packages waiting at my door this Evening!


Thank you for the Beautiful Christmas Cards! I have put them up on my Mantel.


I also received a set of Beautiful Red Tail Falconer's Geocoins.

A Siggy Wooden Nickel.

A lovely Copper Moops Minin Geocoin.

A Gold Compass Rose (wow.. so pretty up close)


And if that wasn't exciting enough, I was gifted with my Wish in my original Post.

If you ever thought an adult couldn't be as excited as a child on Christmas Morning... guess again.

I can't Thank You enough.


You're such a great Bunch of People here, and I'm so glad that I am a part of this community.


Lots of Hugs your Way! :)



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Ok, after hours B) of research, I have determined that I just don't have anything on my second missions "seeking" list :D . I mean, WHO has an extra Moun10Bike coin just laying around??? ;):D:D:) BUT I do have several that they do not have on their "keeping" list so I've packaged up several of those and will be getting said package into the mail bright and early tomorrow morning. I hope that they enjoy my selections.


:D:PCF30 :D:D

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My secret Santa coins arrived in the mail today. I was so excited to see the package. It was taped extremely well, I had a hard time ripping it apart. But after tearing the packaging in two pieces, no scissors nearby, I found:

a Big Bear Cache Bash - hadn't seen on of these in person before, very cool!

a 2006 USA geocoin - didn't have one of these either.

a cointracking.com placeholder coin

a little breast cancer awareness coin? - I've never seen one before but it is way cute.

Thanks secret Santa :)

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:) I got my 2nd mission sent off today. I have my doubts as to its arriving before Christmas, as it has quite a distance to travel, I hope it makes it though. Now I'm gonna go put some cookies next to the mailbox so maybe Santa will bring more than a lump of coal. Is that kinda like a bribe? Hey if it works.... :)
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Unrelated to the secret santa project, but definately a geocoin santa at his best....


From a good friend today, I received a CRAKE astrolabe silver nestled atop a 12yo bottle of Glenfiddich Scotch.


Thanks Santa...you're the best!!


*edited for speilling

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Gee, it's amazing how generous everyone is! I stuck an extra coin in the package I sent out, and my Secret Santa gave me 2 extras! How nice! I got:


2005 Alabama Heart of Dixie (very nice)

2005 Cachers For Christ (beautiful)

Geocat and Chef-Cache Alot (both way cute)

and my favorite, a copper BikeDog memorial coin, very, very special!


Thank you CornerStone4! You did a fabulous job! And thank you again, Fluttershy, for putting together this great idea!

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Our package took flight today. It was picked up by a jolly 'ol elf in a red suit and his 8 flying friends. Should make a safe landing down the chimney in the next few days.


We checked the list,

We checked it twice

Saw some coins

That were mighty nice!


The package was done all up with tape

The coins inside we hope are great!


Hope the goodies sure do please.


Happy Holidays to all! Enjoy! :rolleyes:

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I received my Secret Santa package yesterday and this collector was very generous to me! I love the coins and they are now activated. Here's what we got:


Rome Geocoin

Roma Geocoin

Coins & Pins Spinner


Thanks so much for making this all happen, giving us the chance to be a Santa and receive from Santa. The project made the holidays that much better for us.

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:cool::) I am awed and humbled. :):)

I opened a little package of geocoins and to my dismay there were only two. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not greedy, so I thought they must really be great. And yes, they both are: a Canadian micro coin and an UFO Alien coin. They were so well packaged that I had to cut up the card to get them. Oh the card, let me tell you what it said:


“I made a special trade with Bad Andy so you could get something extra good for Christmas. Expect it in the mail soon. Merry Christmas”


!’m speechless :P I don’t have a coin list, nor very many coins for that matter, so I posted I would be happy with anything. But my Secret Santa read an enthusiastic post I wrote when Bad Andy signed on and has gone the extra mile to make a trade so that I would get a Bad Andy coin! B):P:P I don’t care what my husband is getting me, this has got to be the best Christmas present I will get this year! :P Thank you, onesearching2find, I’m releasing a Mystery Christmas coin in your honor and sending it your way. I’ll email you the details so you can watch it if you like. Thank you, fluttershy :P :P :) and what a wonderful group :P . Happy holidays, everyone. :P:P:rolleyes:

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Got my mission's coins off in the mail yesterday. Went prepped for an hour wait in line, and my christmas gift was that it only took 15 minutes :cool:


Think that about wraps it up for me. I'll see what I can do about next year's, long as I can get some extras on coins nobody has (one should be easy enough, I should finally get my personal coin minted this year, and I don't expect to sell many).


Thanks for a great idea fluttershy! Perhaps when this Santa gets his coin minted there'll be a coin in the mail to ya :rolleyes:

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My fever broke :rolleyes: so I was finally able to get together this special delivery. I made a few phone calls :), and found that the polar express was making a short stop nearby. So I hopped in my geovehicle, and made a dash to the stop, :) I quickly found the conductor and let him in on my mission, "Deliver this secret gift by Chritmas day" :P he assured me it would take 2-3 days, but surely would make it there by Christmas. Then, looking at the package, noticed the address was familiar, "Dear" he said, " I sure hope this person will be at work, or else it will have to wait till after Christmas." :) "Ack!" said I! Sure enough, it was a business address. I slumped back into my car, feeling a bit down, I thought I was quick enough. :) I guess I'll sit here and wait and see! I hope my secret pal likes the possibly late present from me. :cool:

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<_<:ph34r::wub: I was uber busy in shipping at work today and had to stop what I was doing to run to the dentist for an appointment that I had totally forgotten about, needless to say that put me a bit further behind, so when I got back from the nice doctors office I had to kick in the overdrive to beat the UPS mans pick up time. So... it was a pretty stressfull day. When I got home I had a package from "The North Pole" (not what the postmark said though, shhh...) and inside were some very cool coins, I made out quite well, I now have my own Sock Puppet, Man you can't help but to smile when you look at the goofy face on that coin, I love it, I also got the World Travel Coin with the cool foot cut outs in it. And finally a World of Geocaching coin with the gold guy spinning the world on his finger like a Harlem Globetrotter. Very cool. Santa did good. I appreciate the effort that was put into this venture and hope everyone involved has a fantastic holiday season and a happy new year. :wub::lol::o
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Oooohh, oooohh!! I must have been a very, very good girl this year!!! Guess what :wub: Santa :P sent me!


> 1 Police Geocaching Squad - Garmin Armed - Gold

Very nice, and I am armed with a Garmin!! <_<


> 1 FluteFace personal coin

Looove the purple sparklies!! :wub:


AND my absolute favorite of the three:


> 1 Brand spankin' new 2007 Shop99er Tiki personal coin!!! :wub::wub:

In a red velvet bag B)


Santa also sent me a Dragonfly pin and a Shop99er sig item!


Thank you, thank you, B) Santa :lol: !!! You are definatly on my "Nice" list!!!


This has been sooo much fun, Fluttershy! Thank YOU so much for "hosting" this Secret Santa Event!! You have really done a great job.


:ph34r:CF30 :o

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Very pleased to report that Santa got here before Christmas! Most impressive and a BIG THANKYOU. I recieved a Compass Rose 2006, Taiwan Blue Magpie (never knew about these) and a Masachusetts 2006 coin. All very nice indeed and much appreciated


It is my intention to respect Santa's wishes and all three coins will be released to travel.


Thank you Santa and thank you Fluttershy for putting all this together.




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Santa stopped by my house yesterday and left me some good stuff. :wub:


1. JeeperMTJ, bronze - on my wish list and nicer in person than pictures. :lol:


2. Grand Canyon, copper - on my list and also very nice. <_<


3. EU 2005 - NOT on my list but after checking it out, it should have been!


:ph34r:Thank you very much Secret Santa and thanks Fluttershy for putting this together. :wub:

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Santa Came today and gave me

  1. Plymouth Rock Geocoin-Cool coin reminds me of my grandfather he was a surveyor
  2. Blue Magic Ball Geocoin-Sweet looking coin that was on my list of things to buy
  3. Bitten By White Bear Geocoin- Another coin I wanted but it was sold out so I so happy
  4. GeoNut-The best one of all been wanting this one for along time

Thanks Santa if you want I would really like to know who you are just email or pm me

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I just wanted to a huge THANKS to my Santa - he must have delivered 3 packages worth to me!!


I couldn't believe how full and heavy my package was when I got it - and then to see inside was ---


Bitten by Whitebear coin

Spinning Top Coin

Caching in The Holidays coin

You don't have to be Nuts coin

Magic "8" Geocoin

Loggerhead Santa coin in a nice case

Set of 12 Days of Geocaching coins in a velvet bag.. (4 coins)


:( HOLY CANOLI!! :D How did I score. Hopefully I can pass on such generosity.

I just added a couple more to my package going out today (super procrastinator, I know!)



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My poor mission is lost in the mail. :( The good fairy whispered in my ear & suggested I get tracking on this Santa's gift. So I did. I was kind of surprised I hadn't heard from them yet. I mailed it the 15th. The tracking shows it's still at the original postoffice! :D I do hope it gets unstuck soon! I so wanted to surprise them for Christmas! I love gift giving! And this has been so much fun! If the postoffice screws this up I'm just never going to use them again!! Santa, please get my gift there on time! :D Please, Please, Please!!!

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I do not thnk the USPS is providing online tracking much rather delivery confirmation (after the fact).

So your package might still may make it on time. :(


My poor mission is lost in the mail. :D The good fairy whispered in my ear & suggested I get tracking on this Santa's gift. So I did. I was kind of surprised I hadn't heard from them yet. I mailed it the 15th. The tracking shows it's still at the original postoffice! :D I do hope it gets unstuck soon! I so wanted to surprise them for Christmas! I love gift giving! And this has been so much fun! If the postoffice screws this up I'm just never going to use them again!! Santa, please get my gift there on time! :D Please, Please, Please!!!
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