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MISSION: Secret Geocoin Santa

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Whew... I believe everyone now has a Mission!


It's complete! Now Santa's all across the World... Complete Your Magic! :)


It's been a lot of fun...


We ended at 105. I'm so warm and toasty!



Thank you again, for being a part of it! Y-O-U Made my Week! B)


I won't be around much tomorrow and won't return to check my Email until Sunday.

If you have a question, I will answer it then!


Happy Holidays!!!!!



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105 participants! That's amazing! Thanks, Allie, for setting up the Secret Geocoin Santa exchange.


The first thing I do when I get home after work is check the mail for little padded envelopes. Well, after spending the last hour or so with 40 wiggly and giggly third-graders rehearsing for a holiday performance, my mind is on automatic. I pull out the padded envelope with the neatly typed address label and rip it open to see what the coin company has sent. I shake out a coin -- Castle Man's star. That's cool, but I don't remember ordering one. Then, out comes another -- United We Cache -- another cool coin. Finally, a third coin drops out -- F/A-22 Raptor from the Air Power series -- another neat coin, but this is all a mistake. I peer into the envelope, but there's no sales receipt. Then, it dawns on me. :) The Secret Geocoin Santa has struck!


So, I sit down and admire the new coins that the Geocoin Santa has sent. The cares of the week are melting away, and I'm starting to feel all warm and toasty. Thank you to my Secret Geocoin Santa for sharing the spirit of the season.


Yes, you cachers are the best -- the ones I happen to meet out caching, the ones I meet at events, and the ones I trade coins with. And, right now at the top of my list is a Secret Geocoin Santa from Idaho. Thank you and happy holidays! B)

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E-mail sent. Look forward to giving.



I received the name and address a few days ago. Did some research. Just stood in line at the post office for over an hour. There was a self-serve maching in the lobby, but the user was truly utilizing the "Self-serve" title of the machinge, as he was mailing something like 200 packages. Fun times, fun times... Package sent.

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Got home this evening from my 1st Christmas party of the year. Grabbed the mail on my way in and there was a padded envelope inside. "Must be those Dream Catcher Coins" I thought. Walked in and ripped the envelope open to find 3 geocoins that I didn't order and a few "gifts" besides. Wow, Secret Santa coins already! A Cache Minnesota, Cache Hiker, and a huge purple set of Loved This Cache lips. I also got a great beast cancer angel pin and a breast cancer coin. Thanks Secret Santa B) !

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Ho Ho Ho!! Guess who came to visit me yesterday??!! yep!! oh my gosh....I was spoiled!! The cool holiday coin (very appropriate and very CUTE!!) a Crake coin (everyone loves those!!) and a ultra super duper delightful COOL :) coin .... why its a shiny copper Initial point coin (I happily did my research to find this in the geocoin gallery after getting it) and its the size of 3-4 coins!! (and its probably worth 4 coins too :D ) WOW!! That coin is just OVER THE TOP AND AWESOME!! lol :o:wub::) I would have been happy with anything you sent but you obviously looked at my huge list of coins (without pictures I might add) and went to the extra time & research to get me something I didn't have which was really kind of hard to do. You are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




hmm...I gotta do some more research to solve the mystery....mysteries just kill me :D

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Is anybody telling? :D


I would like to send an activated coin to be released, but then they woud know who I am.

Greets, I just placed SANTA and my addy on my envelope, Once I see the party recieved the coins YES I plan on letting them know who sent them,, a little mystery hurts none. Glenn :D


I did not even think about it when I mailed out my secret santa package :D but I put a return address on the mailer .It still would have been preaty easy for them to know who sent the package from the postmark on the mailer any how . :D

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I think the solution was (for I have mailed mine already) to give 4 coins, and 3 were what I hope they wanted and one was the mystery Christmas coin. I wrote that it's a present to them and if they were to activate it and give it a *particular* mission, then that would be great! My addy is on the envelope as the return address as well. But the coins are theirs to do with as they wish. I hope that sounds OK? I'm happy, no matter what they do and grateful to be a part of this wonderful community.




and happy Saturnalia to all! :(<_<:(<_<:anibad:

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No return address on the envelope I sent <_< The post office lady asked me why i did not put on my return address. I told her that it was a secret Santa gift, She even offered to get it post marked somewhere else :(



Mine is going far away and I just hope the postman can read my writing! <_<

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We must have been very, very good, because we got exactly what we asked for!

Well come'on and spill the beans... we wanna know whatcha got <_<


Ok, ok, I'll tell ya! <_<


#1 Dances With Moose! (It's Gorgeous! Always wanted this one!)


#2 Evil Chicken! (Shiny Gold! Looks very cool next to my Mother Hen coin!)


#3 MIGO Port Gratiot Light! (This one is a collector gem!)


How about that? :(

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Got a package from Santa today. I opened the package and was surprised to find

not 3, but 4 coins. It was so exciting to open the package and pull these coins out

one by one - and they're all coins I didn't have.


Received the following coins:

Team Skirtlifter 2006

Haughton's Hunters

Toronto 2006

Geocaching Quebec


My favorite is probably the Toronto coin, I love the moose with the ammo box on the coin. Well, I really like them all. Thanks so much to my Secret Santa for picking out and sending

me some neat coins.


Thanks also to Fluttershy for doing the Secret Geocoin Santa exchange - it was a great idea.

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Been having a blast reading this thread! Perhaps next year I'll be in a position to participate, but money was just too tight to buy anything lately and don't have any traders. All of our coins (less than 10) are activated and have too much personla reason to send them elsewhere. Thanks for letting the rest of us check out all the excitement you old-timers are having! Happy Holidays!




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Just got back from the PO -- my goodies are off to their destination. I sent along one desired coin, another coin that I know s/he doesn't have and a 'less recent' coin. Plus there are a few non-coin odds and ends in there. But I ain't talkin' until the deed is done. :)

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