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MISSION: Secret Geocoin Santa


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I was wondering if anyone would be interested in Holding a Secret (Geocoin) Santa?


1. You are willing to Mail 3 Geocoins to one Participant.

2. You must be a registered user in these Forums/with a history of posting.

3. You must be willing to give your address to receive 3 Geocoins from another Participant

4. Geocoin Packages must be mailed no later than Thursday, Dec 19th.


To Participate:


1. Email Fluttershy @ nyallieny@aol.com With your SCREEN NAME & FULL ADDRESS.

2. Let me know if you are willing to ship outside of your Country.

3. You will receive an email from me ASAP, with Your own Secret Santa Mission.

4. Please go the Distance. If you participate, please do your part to make this a fun experience.


** Since you will each be given the address of Your Mission, I will not be part of the exchanging.

Unless someone wants to send me a Yemon Yime! hehe.


** Sorry, I can't reserve Participants names.


** PLEASE report in this Thread on your Progress:


1. Participating

2. Received Name

3. Mission Complete

4. Santa Arrived!


Thanks for Participating! :surprise:



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Just to make things clear:


If you're a participant, you will send out 3 geocoins to another participant,in anticipation of receiving 3 geocoins from someone else.


You will email me your Screen name, and Full address which I will keep on my own excel spreadsheet.


I will then forward your Address to another Willing Participant.


I'll make certain everyone is teamed up.

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So I send all 3 coins to the same person and then someone else sends me three? Is this like a secret Santa thing or should I put my return address on the envelope?




edited to also ask--will we only know their real name or also their caching name?

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I realize that a "Secret Santa" can be handled in many different ways.


My idea is just to get a Participant's address out to one another.

If you'd like to reveal who you are at any time, (in your package or later... or not at all...)

I leave that up to you.


What I would be most concerned with is someone choosing to Participate, but not giving...

for whatever reason.


If this does happen, please (for whatever reason) send me an email, and say... Hey, sorry...

I didn't get this package out in time, etc.


This will give ME a chance to send something to that Participant, instead.


Thank you! :surprise:

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I'm in--email already sent. I don't have my coins on any of the sites yet and with 200+ coins it may be a bit long to post here......so maybe I can figure out someplace to list it in elsewhere


I do have a subscription to one of those sites on my wish list though but Santa doesn't come early at my house! Maybe I can figure out someplace to list them until Santa comes and gives me that subscription!

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**I'm not teaming people up as doubles, Meaning: the Mission you receive won't also be the person sending Geocoins to you.


**The Coins you send will be your own choice.

Just please send un-activated Geocoins.



Remember, this is an opportunity to Give... be generous. You might be surprised, yourself.

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Well I better take the moun10bike coin out of your package :surprise:


That would be fine with me as I don't collect coins as such, I get coins to release :huh: . I think we need to remember that we may play the coin game differently and should be considerate of that.


That said if was to receive non-trackable coins that would not bother me as I would just put them out as prizes or surprises for others or release them with a Travel Bug tag attached.



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