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Log This Cache My Way Or Else...


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When you say you post the coordinates at the cache, do you do that on puzzle or multicaches? I'd delete it as well and ask you to relog without spoilers.


Do you do that on EVERY cache? I'd think you were being ...retentive..., but would not delete it if it were not a spoiler. With the variances in GPS reception at a given point, even the same unit could read different coordinates. If what you posted was within 30', I'd DEFINITELY think you were just being a jerk by posting "my coords are better than your coords" in a log when it is clearly unnecessary, but (sans spoilage) I would not delete it.


That said, it sounds like a little gurkage is bouncing back and forth here. Either work it out with the hider, or don't pursue their caches at all. It isn't worth it to get worked up over stupid things.


Hmm, correct me IF I'm mistaken but don't ALL cache log pages warn that there may be spoilers in the various log entries? And for others to read them at their discretion? So then given that why should cache owner delete any log entry that contains a spoiler?


I would say that the cache owner who puts a "log this find this way or it'll be deleted" has control issues, and should lighten up.


Now then IF it's one of the few remaining virtual caches such as Down by the Banyan Tree . Where one has to send an E-Mail to the cache owner with a certain word or date to prove that they were really there, then that is a whole other "story."


But as I said anything else just seems to indicate that the cache owner is trying to be too controlling. But that's just me.



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OzGuff, I don't know you from Adam, but there is obviously something personal going on in your area of the world. By your own admission,


Am I willing to escalate the confrontation? Yes. But ........


you are willing to keep escalating whatever the confrontation is that is going on. Gojoey has offered a very valuable piece of advice.


So I’m asking you to please try to reconcile width the other cachers and lets make caching Fun again here in the mountains.


It might be best to just let this thread die, go make up with your fellow cachers, and get back to having fun, which is what this is all about.

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It might be best to just let this thread die, go make up with your fellow cachers, and get back to having fun, which is what this is all about.

I would, but I have a hard time letting anyone else get the last word...


Making up is not going to happen. Words have been written by all/most parties that will be hard to take back. And as I have said before, I don't have to have amicable relations with all cachers in the area. There is no doubt that I have awesome jerk-potential, and I have a hair-trigger response time. But I AM having fun. With caching AND with this little fracas.


However you are right about letting this thread die. Thanks to all who contributed to the topic at hand! And especially to GeoBain for the link to the December 2005 thread that discussed cache log ownership! Most helpful!


Can someone close this thread... Anyone? Anyone?

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Regarding your original question, ALRs are generally viewed as being fine and certainly have the tavit approval of GC.com, since these caches continue to be approved. Also, the guidelines do give the cache owner the responsibility to delete logs that do not meet the stated requirements.


Related to log ownership, certainly the author owns the log. However, that alone does not mean that the cache owner must allow any log to remain on his/her cache page.


(Is this on-topic enough for you?)

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And so the saga continues...


Latest update: Every cache page owned by me and 3 or 4 other local cachers now proudly displays a Bookmark list proclaiming, "Cache Found But Not Logged Here." If you click on the Bookmark, it goes on for SIX PAGES, listing every cache of which HE deleted his log and moved it to his own archived cache (GCHY3J) for "personal" logging.


I think this is an EXCELLENT method of drawing attention to such behavior! After all, without the Bookmark list, no one would ever know about his actions. By placing a Bookmark list on every cache page, right in full view of God and everybody, is a GUARANTEE that every cacher who visits the page in the future will be aware of such behavior. Bravo! This is pure Genius!


In a private note to OzGuff, yesterday, I asked him why he couldn't just log the cache based on the merit of the cache, and not on his opinion of the owner. I stated, "Just because you don't like ME should be no reason not to share your experience in FINDING the cache with EVERYONE ELSE who comes to the cache page."


I doubt there are any "rules" against finding caches and then logging them to one of your own archived caches, instead of on the cache page just because you don't like the cache owner. However, is that behavior really in the true spirit of geocaching?



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Can someone close this thread... Anyone? Anyone?

Since we can't possibly read everything here, if you have a thread (of your own) you would like to have closed, please use the p_report.gif on the post making the request. This will draw a moderator's attention to review the situation and take appropriate action.


In this case someone did that for you, so topic closed at your request.


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