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This guy is a REAL cacher


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I found 110 caches while on my honeymoon


Oh well I thought 6 was good!!!

Got married on steam train and pointed cache out that I had done as we passed

I forgot to mention that my ceremony was held about 100 feet from a virtual.


And no, I didn't bring the GPS as I walked down the aisle...but ONLY because I'd already logged it. :)

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How about listing your wedding as a cache event? GCGHEC Twue Wuv


2 cachers getting married? Check

Cacher performing the ceremony? Check (me!)

Took the entire group caching after the reception? Check


Ok that one takes the cake...with the micro hidden in it..with the coords to a little sticker under one of the pews that contain the coords to the alter...just in case the groom forgot where to go


I guess the next step is to make a funeral a cache event :P

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