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Mobile Crossing Waypoint 200 National Edition Pocket PC with GPS


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Has anyone used or heard about these? There for sale right now on woot, but I've never heard of them. are they any good?


Mobile Crossing Waypoint 200 National Edition Pocket PC with GPS http://www.woot.com/default.aspx


I've been using one for about a year or more now and it's from www.mobilecrossing.com, and www.amperordirect.com rents them out from what I can tell.


It's a Windows-based PDA with bluetooth, the map software, and a GPS module that it syncs up with. We've used it on several cross-country trips and in general have had mixed results with it. Sometimes it'll want to take us on a different road than we know we need to take to get to a destination, but at the same time when you're in an unknown area it's good at getting you out again. We've tried other units and have had similar results, so we can't complain.


We've also used it for geocaching with sometimes better results than the garmin units we have - once we figured out how to enter the waypoints. Since it's not our primary geocaching unit we're only just now looking into paperless caching and group dumping of waypoints into the unit so are trying to see how to do it. So, if you have suggestions on that, we'd be happy to hear.


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