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So who got one of the "A Pair of Nickels Coins" from Hogwild

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We got ours :) . Logged into our shopping cart and checked every five minutes or so until the pay button appeared. After getting shut out of a couple high-profile sales I just wasn't going to spend an evening at the keyboard. But the process was smooth and easy and no explosions on the PayPal launchpad :wub: . Got the extra gift and I'll be watching the mailbox.

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I didn't know anything about it. I happened onto the forum thread about it two hours after they went on sale. I went to the website, put one in my basket, and checked out. No muss, no fuss. Didn't know about the special gift until after I had ordered, so I missed out on that.

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Well, I had PayPal troubles and ended up with two orders -- one pending and one processing. A quick email to Steve to tell him that the 'pending' order was never going to be paid because PP decided to bum out on me.


Now I just have to wait for the email with the tracking #s so I can activate them to fulfill the final requirement before they will ship.


And I hope that I see that email -- for whatever reason, Gmail has decided that Steve Moran's emails to me are 'Spam'. I've had to rescue 3 emails in the past couple weeks out of the spam bucket that came from him.


-- Scott G.

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Yup, I did manage to get one. I was there on time, but it wasn't for sale yet, and I ended up having to leave 10 minutes later for a geocacher's birthday party. I was bummed about the coin. But, When I got back, fairly late, there were still 19! And I just activated it! Yippee! I suspect the icon will come later, since it had its own listing.

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We got our set at about 10:02 CST...activated it today...got the gift also...hoping the USPS does well and gets the coins here by Wednesday (just a prayer...don't expect it to happen) so we can release it at a 'caching event Wednesday night...been sending activated coins with my overseas trades...might actually try this one in the good ole USA...after I deface it, of course...

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I received the CachingCoins set today -- beautiful! What a unique design! I also added the free gift to my order and received a Yosemite National Park geocoin. I didn't have this coin, and I'm happy to add it to my collection. Thanks so much, Steve! This little package sure brightened my day!


We've also ordered a gift... Let's see what we're going to receive. Hope it's not a chunk of coal geocoin. We've been behaving nicely. :surprise:

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