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Farewell Tommy Trojan and Helen of troy


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I for one loved moving Tommy Trojan Travel Bugs and geocoins. He is doing a sale on the current version of his Geocoin at http://www.wient.com.


Here is what he sent to me


Date: Wed, 06 Dec 2006 14:59:02 -0800

From: "Tommy Trojan" <tt@wient.com> View Contact Details Add Mobile Alert

To: "Jeff Davis" <rexandbutterfly@yahoo.com>

Subject: Just so you know ...


Tommy and Helen call it quits!




More later ...


Please send your condolances if you liked their caches, TB's, and Geocoins.

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I've had fun with their TBs, moving them to interesting locations and taking photos for them. I've even visited some of their caches between Barstow and Las Vegas. :huh:


I wish them well on whatever endeavor they will be involved in next. They're always welcome to drop in for a visit. <_<

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This is bad news indeed! We have enjoyed finding TTHT caches during our annual spring desert trips and the occasional tb of their's. In email communications with Tommy I found him to be very upbeat about caching. Until now, though, I didn't realize the extent of their travel bug activity. But anytime I helped one of their tb's along its way I got an thank you email from Tommy.


I hope it wasn't that UCLA game that did them in. I look forward to a "normal" Rose Bowl this year pitting champs of the Pac Ten against Big Ten just like in the old days. I'll be thinking about Tommy and Helen during that game. Go Troy! And thank you guys for your major contribution to this game.

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