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[PROOFS] Anthus geoPin Proofs are Here


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Hmmmm. It seems that promotion of commercial sales is only allowed in the Geocoins Forum. The Coin Forum Mod has moved this pin thread out of that forum. So I am closing the thread per the commercial postings rule. If the OP has permission from Groundspeak to promote a pin all on its own, this thread can be re-opened by contacting a moderator.

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I am reopening this topic at the OP's request. First, I removed the link to the web page where the OP is selling their geocoins. I verified that the pins are not being offered for sale. The OP explained that these are giveaways and trade items.


So, if discussion stays focused on which design is nicer, and how cool the pins are, I am happy to keep this thread open.

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Thanks Keystone for reopening my thread. And thanks to everyone for their kind words.


What steps did you have to take to be able to use the geocaching logo?


To use the logo you must get permission by Groundspeak and also use the trademark symbol. If you visit the geocoin discussion board, there is a pinned thread that explains how to mint coins and where to mint coins. The coin companies also make the pins. Hope that helps.



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I like the mid left one the most (antique silver?), and top left (antique cooper?) would probably be my second choice.


Is the letter for the right column larger?? or it just blurred from flash glare? :santa:


The coin maker must have taken the photo on an angle. All pins are the same size.



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