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Is there a Star Wars geocoin?

Team Macha
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Yeah, that would be difficult. You could do some sorta parody style easily enough I'd guess.


Or tell Lucas there's money to be made selling geocoins, heh :huh:


<_< Be careful of what you ask for! I know I am relatively new to this "hobby" but what I like most about geocaching is that NOBODY knows about it! B)


Consider what would happen if Lucas got the Star Wars machine behind geocaching! Mass marketing and commercialization. Their legal dept alone could spend in a day the total amount of money invested in this "sport" since it's inception just to protect the "starwars" image. Hundreds of thousands of people hitting caches every day and we'd get geocoins with our happy meals. The waiting line to purchase a gps modeled as a light saber will go around the block. The thing is, I would still want to be first in line!


Apologies for the rant.

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Not that I'm aware of, rights to that would be very difficult to obtain I would think.


Yup they are a total pain to obtain permissions --- very picky ---


What does Star Wars have to do with geocaching (aside from us cachers running thru the forests with light sabers?) <_<


If you can wield a lightsaber, flip your hand to make people believe what you tell them, and move objects without actually touching them.... your mastery of 'the force' probably allows you to find hidden caches really easy



But otherwise not a lot that I can tell :huh:

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Would permissions for Star Wars be any harder than permissions for the Star Trek coins that have been done?


Oh, and there is a (sort of) Star Wars coin that I know of.







Yes Islander I had remembered that one but I was thinking more of true star wars characters not cartoons so much. Thanks for all your responses it's been fun reading some of yours! <_<

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