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Yep - we received ours just yesterday. Have yet to ectivate and name it though, but it will be heading for a cache soon enough. B&F


* I am off to drink some bitter black coffee now.


Bear & Fox, please forgive me for possibly pointing out the obvious. :rolleyes:

The TB is not yours to name or activate.


It already has a name (It's ultimate destination)

You need to grab it from "Someplace Else"


Good luck with it. :wub:

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Thanks Whostops!


So the list thus far is:

Bats... Mosselbay, South Africa

B&F... Imus, Philippines

Whostops... San Mateo, Venezuea

TV&M... Ciledug, Indonesia


TV&M: it takes great trickery! Copy the URL from your browser, then click the little earth-plus-chain icon (to left of envelope icon) when you (full) reply to a thread - it will prompt you for the address, and then whatever name you want to have appear. Voila, it's that easy.

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Received one with a diffucult mission in the post this morning. Padalarang Indonesia. The closest cache is 54 km from it, on top of a volcano, 5 hour hike up and 6 hours hike down. the cache was placed in december 2004, but seemingly no FTF to yet. Come on - who is up for a real challenge? I see TV &M also has a tag with Indonesia as destination, what about a sense of adventure, why don't you guys take this two bugs personally to their destition?

Padalarang Indonesia

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I have received a diabetes coin, Grimbergen - Belgium, that needs to get to Belgium.


If any cacher is going to Belgium, would they give me a shout so that we can set something up.


I will be setting up a duplicate post on the Belgium forum.



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No, there is no return after the exclamation mark.

I copied the code from the 'BB Code help' window and pasted the url.



Take your 3 lines of code and remove the RETURNS, it will then work. Alternatively, use the script in the posting window, it's the globe with the chainlink to enter a hyperlink. It will first ask you for the URL and then the description. If you click on this icon and receive an error, it is usually due to IE/Firefox disallowing the running of the script, check the message bar and allow the script to be run.


Also (Seems to come up quite often) on the message toolbar, you'll see an icon that has a picture of a tree, use that to insert pictures in your post, NOTE: the picture must be uploaded onto a URL somewhere.



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