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New Geocoin in the series 'Geoacaching Around the Planet'


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The second coin in my series is dedicated to Spain.


This is a country I like very much, not just because it has magnificent beaches and unspoilt nature. It also has some fabulous examples of architectural creativity, and Gaudi is probably the most striking example of Spanish modern architecture. Gaudi's basilica 'The Sagrada Familia', still unfinished, is a grandiose tribute to his exceptional talent. This is why the basilica was used as an inspiration for the Geocoin. The colored tiles, frequently used by Gaudi, are the most striking aspect of his art, and are therefore depicted on the coin.


For those who want to learn more about the Sagrada Familia and Gaudi, have a look at this page on Wikipedia : Sagrada Familia




If you want to order this coin please click : ORDER HERE


And let me know what you think. This will be a limited edition, so hurry. The previous coin (China) is almost sold out, and this one looks even better !!


My purpose is to issue a Personal Geocoin for each country where I have geocached. To find more about my project, goto www.ellandel.com







Details for the coin


Size : 1.75" (44mm)

Date of Availablity : Mid-January 2007

Finishes : Nickel (130), Gold (60) Matte Gun (60)

Trackablity : Yes

Icon : Yes

Price : 8.5$ (nickel) 9.5$ (others)

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I had to order the other day simply because Spain has no geocoin yet.

Just to make sure I do not start another controversy : This coin is not a geocoin issued by the Spanish Geocaching group. This is a Personal Geocoin about Spain.


I have been warned that some national groups hate it when someone issues a 'national coin'...


Even so, I have not seen anything from Spain yet, so AtlantaGal was right





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some national groups hate it when someone issues a 'national coin'


I wouldn't call them national groups, just some people in the forums don't like the practice. Most couldn't give a care, but it's the squeaky wheel that gets oiled. :ph34r:


Which country are you visiting next? :ph34r:

Probably the US... Will that make the squeaky wheels squeak even more ?





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