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My 1st Coin... Caching With Claus (Holiday Coin)

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Hello All,


For my 1st coin I decided to create a holiday coin to commerate the 2006 Christmas season. As a long time lurker on this forum. But, avid cacher... I couldn't resist making my own coin.


Here it is... please reply with your thoughts. Both my girlfriend and I are very excited about this new coin and hope you like it as much as we do.





US$9.00 each s/h included (United States or Canada). Worldwide shipping adds $4.25 per order.



Size: 1.75”

Thickness: 3mm coin

Metal: Antique Silver

Trackable: Yes, www.geocaching.com



If you are interested in reserving a coin, please send an email to derooydesigns@gmail.com

Subject: Caching With Claus Geocoin

(Copy and paste this into the email)

Geo Nick:

Real Name:


Paypal Address:

Email Address:




1. Requested minter submit to Groundspeak for approval (December 1st)

2. Post add in forum for pre-sales (December 1st)

3. Invoice those interested in purchasing (on or about December 10th)

4. Ship coins on December 19th

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I've gotta ask, if you're an avid cacher why was your acct created today and showing no finds? Is this a sock puppet? Sorry, have to ask, people may not want to purchase from an unknown.


Hula Bum,


I am glad you asked... let me introduce myself. I am a college student. Spent my freshmen and sophomore years going to Junior College back home in Tennessee. All of my previous geocaching experience was with family and friends. Now I am a junior at the University of Central Florida here in Orlando. And I am happy to say... I love this hobby.


We have a great group of Geocachers here at UCF. Most of which lurk on this forum... as that's how I found out about it.


I have never been one to post much on public discussion forums (call me a little shy if you want to). But, I have always enjoyed reading them. Or, lurking on them as most people call it.


I got so excited going through the process of designing my own coin. I registered today and paid the $30.00 to be a Groundspeak Premium Member.


I am no sock puppet. And you can bet you will see more of me in the future.


Jonathan DeRooy

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It's a nice coin but you might have waited too long to offer them. There have been several (including a couple of sets) holiday/Christmas related coins that have been sold in the past month or so. I'm not sure if buyers want to dole out any more money for another holiday coin.


Mauison and MustangJoni,


Yes, I agree... there have already been several different holiday/Christmas related coins offered here. But, despite that... I have gotten a very good email response thus far with more than two dozen orders (in 2 or 3 hours of posting).




Thanks for pointing that out. As I didn't notice it either. I will have the minter fix it on Monday. I guess I can't be too mad at them. As that was the 1st proof they did for me. I loved the design so much... I didn't take the time to check the spelling.



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I agree that there are many holiday coins out but I personally passed on them all because none of the designs 'grabbed' me but this one did. I really like the artwork and hope the coin turns out as well. I also did not recognize the minter but am willing to take a look and give this young cacher my trust. I ordered one coin and am anxiously awaiting it's arrival, hopefully before Christmas.

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I too have held off on this years Christmas coins. This caught my eye, so Pre-Order placed. This looks like the same die art as Allaboutchalengecoins.com


Will this coin have a custom icon?







Thank you for the pre-order.


No, this coin will not have a custom icon. I thought about it. But, didn't want to commit the extra funds to a custom icon on my 1st coin.


The minter is AllAboutChallengeCoins.Com. Not sure why they used All About Pins on my artwork.



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I may in be interested in a couple - but can only pay via paypal... international postage... (must guarantee air / first class / priority mail)

Thanks :D:D:D




Thank you for your interest in my new coin.


Yes, I take PayPal. Here is my PayPal address: DeRooyDesigns@gmail.com


I plan to send PayPal money requests on December 10th to anyone who emails me with a pre-order request.


As for the international shipping guarantee, please let me follow up with you on Monday (after I check with the post office). Before I guarantee the international shipping method (air / first class / priority mail).


Thank you,


Jonathan DeRooy

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Nice coin but seems pretty expensive for a coin without an icon ... US$13.25 for outside of the US purchases.


Too much for me to justify. Good luck with it.






I am happy to read that you like my coin. I understand your reasoning for not purchasing one.


Thank you for taking the time to comment.



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well as some on who already did a Christmas set this year I have to say I really like this one...


only problem I see is will this coin be in hand by Christmas?


But anyway.. put me down for 2




Thank you for the kind words and the pre-order for 2 coins.



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Could you be talked into adding your caching nick to the coin and make it a personal, by any chance? :D

Very nice, well designed coin.




If it's not to late... I sure could. I plan to check with the minter 1st thing on Monday morning.


Thank you for your kind words.



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Hello, what is the bass metal for your coin?




Hello hn25slc,


On the email price quote I received from the minter... it states the base metal is copper with an antique silver finish.


Please let me know if you have any other questions.



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I personally love this coin. I have ordered prior holiday coins but I really love the detail on this one. I personally don't think your name is necessary. I would rather have a holiday coin that I can purchase and give to others instead of having someone's personal name on the coin or the coin page.


Great job.

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Also what is the icon going to look like?


Due to popular demand... I have added a custom icon to my coin. Here it is... please reply with your feedback:




I also had the minter personalize the back side of the coin for me. I haven't approved it yet. But, I would love to hear some feedback from forum members before I make the final decision.


Personalized coin:




Original Design:




I really like the personalized one. Please let me know which one you like best.


Thank you,



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The personalized one is nicer. But I'm biased in that I like personal coins best :laughing:


Will you be doing any trades?


Thank you for the feedback... I also like the personalized coin best.


Yes, if I have any coins left... I hope to do some trades.



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The personalized one is nicer. But I'm biased in that I like personal coins best :laughing:


Will you be doing any trades?


Thank you for the feedback... I also like the personalized coin best.


Yes, if I have any coins left... I hope to do some trades.



I'm glad you made the change. Signature coins I like much more than generic fluff that there is so much of anymore.

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Well, I thought I had a pre-order set for these coins.... acknowledged way, way back.

Sorry, but it's no longer 2006. Three months have passed since they were meant to be ready.

I wonder what happened.


Think I'll pass up on this coin now, the Christmas excitment of getting a Christmas coin has now gone. Perhaps winter is soon descending, and I'm quietening now on caching. :anitongue:

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