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planning for extravagant gift


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My father has hinted that he might be buying me a 60CSX for Xmas this year!!!


I do not know what size sd card I will need.


I do not know what mapping program(s) make sense for me...I cache primarily in the Northeastern US, with some trips out West, and occasional adventures outside of North America, and have loved having the ability to load topo quality maps into my meri-plat prior to caching adventures.


I know nothing about auto-routing.


Any help, advice, and expressions of congratulations will be appreciated...


Jamie - NFA

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Jamie, you will love the Map 60CSx! As far as a Sd card, you can get a 256MB for a very low price, or can go for a bigger one. I have a 60Cx w/256 card and can fit all sorts of mapping covering our region. Garmin has 1:100K topo (~$90) for the entire US, and Nat Parks 1:24K for your ADK region (~$90) that covers a lot of other areas in New England. For autorouting in the car, City Select is what I use, but City Navigator (~$120) is replacing that and is more up to date. You can always buy pre-loaded SD cards for particular areas you seldom visit, too.


I love having US Topo, Nat Parks (east), and City Select. I can route precisely to a caching area, then switch to topo to hike to find caches. You're going to love having the Garmin! Good luck with Santa!

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