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A basic Unit

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I am applying for funding to create a GPS scavenger hunt course in the Natural Area (forest/prairie) I work at. The goal is for youth to explore the area and learn a bit at the same time. The program will be designed for high school science or physical education classes.


The scavenger hunt will be fun and educational at the same time. The students w


First, I am not personally familliar with GPS units. I understand the technology but have never used one myself. So, bare with me...


I am looking for a GPS unit that displays only the coordinates. A unit that curious kids can't muck up pressing buttons and no longer see the GPS coordinates (which will make it impossible to complete the scavenger hunt).


Does a model like this exist?


Thanks in advance!

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i have to agree.. a gps that only displays coordinates is pretty useless !! and trying to navigate by one will become frustrating very quickly..

the Garmin ETREX models are low priced and provide the basic functions.

as far as the kids mucking it up.. well kids are always curious and will press buttons when told not to!!

but at the most the will just change the display. check out www.garmin.com and view thier models...

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If I understand what you want to do, then the main feature you need to look for is 'cheap'. Any basic unit should work for you. They all do basic navigation. Just make sure it's a standalone handheld unit, and it should work.


Actually, cheap isn't one of the criteria. We anticipate having about $300 to spend on each unit.

The front runner is Garmin Venture CX. We went to a local store yesturday, and that one blew away any cheaper model. An it seems like its hard to 'Muck' up.

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Nice unit, I did send you a PM about a Garmin dealer that gives about 30% to schools. Brings that price down to about $187.49. We have been dealing with in for years with our classes. Drop me a line if you want the contat info.


Ed Gorny





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You did not mention what age group your kids will be. Younger students simply do not have the capacity to remember to not to accidentally hit buttons. Often when they grab a GPS, while doing something else, they end up hitting a button or 2, then coming to the teacher to reset the GPS.

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I use a Maggellan 310 and would never change that. Using a basic GPS is very adventurous. Searching for a cache by using the basic GPS, I took roads I never knew existed. I found interesting landmarks and site I probably would otherwise never see. Don't underestimate the basic units. ANYONE can use a GPS with a cool display. Try using the basic coordinates view with that weird little arrow and see how much more adventure and fun awaits you. :laughing:

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I agree with kc2iyh. My Venture Cx is nice, but it takes away some of the fun. Reading how geocaching got started almost makes me want to sell my Cx and go back to using my basic eTrex.



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