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AFTER DARK........


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I do quite a bit of night caching and (nearly) always stay away from habitation.


In some urban areas, you can get away with being bold as brass.


I think each one needs to be assessed for the very reason you are concerned about. If it's out in the countryside, no problem. You have the right to use public rights of way as much as anyone else, and could be out for a walk at anytime of the day or night. But I don't like searching by tourch light close to a house.

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The only night caching I've done has been by accident late on winter afternoons... :(


I'd rather be out there in daylight and see the views and so on, but I know that a substantial minority enjoy night caching. Do bear in mind, though, that with some caches, for example all those in the New Forest, night caching is specifically forbidden. Check the cache page, and any agreement the cache is placed under, and provided there's no prohibition, go for it!


And you might want to take a look at the thread about night vision goggles... :mad:

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If you get caught, just be honest about what you're doing - how could you make up such stuff?!?


Carrying a print out of the cache you're looking for can help, if you get stopped by the police - I know from experience!

My example


Wiltshire constabulary?!! You were lucky they can be right [expletive deleted]!!


I go out at night. The nanny state has not managed to ban that just yet. I just take care that I am aware that although it may be perfectly legal to be crossing that field on the footpath in the dark, some people can be threatened by weirdos lurking in the bushes... so I am discreet. If it's a clear night, I dont use my torch unless I have to, for example.

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Totally agree with the above - if stopped at night we are always totally honest and show them the cache details on the PDA. It usually results in some odd looks but they accept it as you could hardly make something up like that.


I hasten to add we've not been stopped by the police yet - usually curious noctural dog walkers or farmers :laughing:.

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I am quite keen on the idea of looking for some easy to find cahes during the dark evenings. However I am a little concerned about being arrested as some sort of pervert after being spotted crawling around in the undergrowth, or even worse loitering in urban locations!


Any advice?

It's not just after dark that you have to worry. I was questioned by the police a while back now as I was standing at the side of my car putting some stuff in the glove box out of my caching bag.

They thought I had broken into the car and was taking it out.

I was parked opposite the police station at the time so who in their right mind would be breaking into a car there?

I guess I must have the kind of face that looks like trouble. :laughing:

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Wiltshire constabulary?!! You were lucky they can be right [expletive deleted]!!



They certainly can Alibags! - I think I know the expletive you deleted! - and yes, we were very lucky - especially as we 'might' have had a large pair of bolt croppers, that 'might' have been innocently found earlier on in the day, and 'might' have been in the boot of the car.


Also, I 'might' have had a few pints in the pub before going caching in the middle of the night - but they didnt search the car! Even though they thought we'd been out robbing.


The driver quite rightly was very sober, and honesty (though with some slurred words - all mine :tired: ) saved the day!

As did the travel bug and the request for a photo - which really threw the women pc's - 'Shall we turn the blue lights off?' one of them asked?. After the first photo one of them said she'd done a blink, so would I take another one please? (!)


So, if i'm confronted by the police again, I'll be honest about the caching, show them a cache page printout and definately try for another photo.

If that doesnt work - at least the flash might give me a second or so head start! :ph34r:

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You have to remember why the police stop to talk to you - because you look suspicious!!! :(

No one can blame officers for taking the time to sus out a cacher, their just doing their job.

Be honest, be polite and you'll have nothing to worry about..... after all, I can give it to you on very good authority that some of them are cachers too! :D


Caching after dark is down to common sense and it can be great fun if you choose the right caches. Why not try finding some of the caches designed to be found at night?

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I think you'll find the Police are the least of your worries after dark! It's what else might be out there you may want to pay some consideration to! The Police are likely to be understanding of your honest reasoning especially when you provide evidence of your activity in the form of a cache printout. However, urban caching at the wrong time of the night is likely to draw attention to yourself by those who would take a shine to the apparent gizmos you're wandering around with! And then there are those who would see you as fair game to be picked on for no apparrent reason. Be selective about where you park and where you cache so not to draw undue attention to yourself and your activities. As a general rule in most urban enviroments I have cached in I find that after the hour of around two in the morning the only people still out on the streets are the Police.


If you can get out into the countryside I'm sure you'll find it more relaxing and enjoyable but there are also considerations. Reports of large cats and other potentially dangerous beasts roaming the countryside are infrequent but there are other goings on as well. Try and find an empty car park on Cannock Chase at one thirty in the morning and you'll get the idea! They may take an adverse interest in you because you're not taking an interest in them! There are of course those who are engaged in other activities they would not want the authorities to know about but a legitimate but trigger happy livestock patrol could just as easily bring you grief!


A word of advice on protecting yourself. The Police will not take an understanding view if you're wandering around the countryside with anything they would classify as an offensive weapon. You'll find it extreemly difficult establishing a respectful rapor with an officer of the law if you're armed with a machete for example! Think along the lines of what can you carry that's justifiable on the grounds of your activity such as a "rather large torch" or, as is my personal choice, a walking pole!


Remember also what you have of value to a potential assailant. And the most valuable item, apart from you of course, is your vehicle! Think about where you park. Even in the depths of the countryside it's still possible to give the impression your vehicle isn't in total isolation. I would much rather walk an extra half mile for the security of having parked my car near some sort of occupied dwelling. But take care not to wake up the occupants! If you have to park somewhere remote take special care on returning to your vehicle.


I think the best way of summarising the adverse potential of night caching is the fact that you'll be perceived as doing something unnatural. Who in their right mind would chose to wander around the countryside in the dark looking for a plastic box when the alternative is be tucked up in a nice warm bed! I'm not going to try and sell anyone night caching but what I will say is it's more challenging and therefore, possibly, more rewarding! And as for that dadgum micro hiden behind a road sign on a busy street in the middle of town you can't get to because every muggle on earth is breathing down your neck..... what at two o'clock in the morning? Go get it!

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Things not to say to police in the middle of the night: "Is it because I is cachin'?" "Don't point that torch at me, point it at those sticks!" "You think I look suspicious? You're the one with the Taser, the pepper spray and the night stick..."


or "Evening officer, is that a truncheon in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?" <_<


my worst experience at night was doing one in the middle of nowhere near the Ridgeway, at 03:00 in the fog, after having just watched "The Shining", by the time I'd finished I was s**t scared and would have been mightily relived to see one of our boys/girls in blue.

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