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Recommend me a cache in Central London?

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Going to London on the weekend and looking for a decent cache to do - only there is so much choice and I don't know all the areas of London that well.. I am also taking a total newbie (tho I am a newbie myself!) so I want it to be interesting for them as well - anything fit this criteria:


1) MUST be multi cache - i.e we have to go to various palces to get clues

2) Must be in Central London - i.e around Buckingham Palace/Trafalgar Square those sorts of places

3) Doesnt matter if you need the tube to travel

4) Preferably about 5-6 hours in length!

5) Soemthing that is fairly difficult - i.e require brainpowers and problem solving

6) Something that goes to fairly interesting places so we can sightsee


A couple of caches fit that bill??!?



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Personally I like the Catastrophe, Calamity, Cataclysm series of virtuals leading to a physical by Daoloth & Tuna. Best £2 I ever spent to cache :laughing:


Edit - It needed a happier smiley.


The final cache of that series is a bit... errr... compromised at the moment. Some low-lives are living in a make-shift tent that they've erected in the bushes right next to the cache. When I visited it last weekend, they were obviously 'in residence' so I didn't go poking about next to their 'home' :laughing:

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