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I Have a Pocket PC- will this work as GPS?


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New to the sport and have been learning the language the last few days. I decided to purchase a Garmin Legend cx, but then I started thinking (Oh no!)... My job provides me with a Pocket Pc (brand new unit, with AllTel, I believe). Do I need to purchase a separate GPS unit like the one mentioned above, or can I just somehow use the Pocket PC for my geocaching fun?


I suppose that by becoming a Premium geocaching.com member I can receive e-mails to my pocket pc regarding new caches nearby, as well as log on the internet to find out about local ones whereever I may be. Do you know of any other uses for the pocket PC that I'm not considering?


Also- My pocket pc has the USB hookup (for the small end of the cable) just like (I presume) the GPS units have (also the small end of the USB cable inlet). Is there an adaptor or perhaps a cord with 2 "small" ends to use, in order to download waypoints into a GPS unit from the pocket PC?


So many questions.... just pretty excited! :cry:

Thanks for your time,


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:D Well with one or another way your PDA will WORK as a gps

Check if you have allready a gps in your PDA if NOT you can opperate one via USB or BLUETOOTH port

To the market you can find alot of low prices GPS receavers (it is not necessary to by one with LCD display super ext-memory) just a receaver.It will cost 90 or 100 euro.

Hope i help you


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Does your Pocket PC have Bluetooth? If so, there are several GPS receivers with the newest SirfStar chipsets, just like the fancy GPS receivers. There are more Pocket PC software options than Palm, so you're in luck.


I have such a receiver in the GPS Garage Sale forum, a Globalsat BT-359. I'll say no more - it's still on the first page, just search for my username if you're interested.

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You misread the OP - it's his employer's PDA. Those take dropping much better than one's own PDA. B)

You just reminded me of a time when I was driving the Olympic Peninsula loop in Washington state. I was asking a park ranger about a certain rain forest road I saw on the map. He said, "That road is four wheel drive recommended. Do you have four wheel drive?"


I replied, "I have something much better than that. I have a rental." :D


OK, now back to the topic...

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Wow! Thanks for the hilarious and informative responses! I was so excited to get out there and find a treasure that I went ahead and purchased a unit today. Last night I found out a little more about using the Pocket PC and decided that it just might not last so long out on the trail. I really appreciate the info., however, and the laughs as well!!! Speaking of rental cars... I recall about 21 years ago, my dad, some friends, & I were hunting in S. Texas, and had rented a Station Wagon. We were amazed at how this thing was drinking gas (we thought). Turns out we'd put a hole in the gas tank while going over some pretty rough terrain (I can see them now- those sandy, rough trails, with very "high" centers!). And I don't know where we found it, but we used some sort of sticky, gum-like substance, to patch the tank. And Dad probably "forgot" to mention this incident to the rental co. when returning the wagon! :mad:

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