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Undercover Cacher Geocoins - Now shipping


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CoinSwag.com is proud to present our newest geocoin the

Undercover Cacher Geocoins. We are now taking pre-orders here is the artwork and the information about the coin.


Undercover Cacher Geocoins - Pre Order!


Coin Stats


Size: 2"

Thickness: 3mm

Metals available: Antique Gold, Silver & Two Tone Gold & Silver LE

Trackable: Yes, on Geocaching.com

Icon: Yes, unique to the coin.

Activation Codes: www.coinswag.com

Ship Date: 3-5 weeks

Price: 10.49/ea or 29.95/set USA and Canada S/H included!







This coin will also have a slight bend to give it more of a badge like effect.


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Thanks for all the great feedback and orders so far!


I am looking for a little feeback on the bend of the coin what do you think would look the best;


The whole coin have a slight bend or the back be flat and the front be domed over to give it a bend like effect?

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The coins were ordered today so with any luck they could be here around the 19th, just depends on how long it takes to get the tracking numbers from GS.


Also I forgot to post the total Mint of the LE two tone, there will only be 100 made, I also ordered an XLE Copper that will be available on coinswag.com when the coins come in.


Still have coins left Click here to pre-order.





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Any updates on when the coin will be ready?


Sorry did not see your post.


I got an email from Team Jsam saying their store would be back up and running on February 1, 06, but I don't know if these coins are going to be delivered before that or not.


Thanks Team Macha for your updating post, sorry I did not see it before. For all those who have pre-ordered the undercover coins they will be shipping the first part of Jan. our website coinswag.com will have a grand opening on feb 1st but pre-orders will be shipped as soon as the coins come in.





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typical FEDEX...Hurry up and wait.


Can get into a doctor quicker at a Hospital with a major head injury than getting a coin shipped through them.


LOL, yea we have not had very good luck with FedEx latley this is the third package that has been delayed in one form or another, I think we will start using UPS again we have never had any issues with them.

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The Undercover Cacher Geocoins are now instock and shipping. All paid pre-orders will start shipping today, for anybody who missed out we still have some in stock in a variety of options including 2 coins 1 tracking number sets.



Antique Gold

Antique Silver

Gold + Nickel 3 coin set



The Geocaching.com 4-box logo is a registered Trademark of Groundspeak Inc. Used with permission.

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If anybody missed out on the first batch we made a small second batch of coins and also have a Black Nickel + Nickel edition that turned out really well. All coins are stock and can be purchased at coinswag.com.


I loved the first 3 so I had to order the Black + Nickel...great idea!

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