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GPS Assignment


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I'm working on a PowerPoint presentation for a college class. I get to pick my own topic, so GPS is something I am pretty familiar with and hopefully can bring me a good grade.


In my presentation, I need a video of at least one minute in length. I have in mind a graphic of the earth with satellites spinning around it. (Endless loop, that way I have the time limit covered.) There once was a thread with someone wanting the same type of animation, but I can't seem to turn it up on a search.


If anyone knows of some good sources, I'd appreciate a link or two. Thanks.

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One way I look at it, is that the GPS satellites, all have the identical UTC time, and your GPS is very close to that. The GPS satellites operate on atomic clocks for precise positioning.


the speed of light = 299 792 458 m / s


Distance = Speed of light * Time taken to get to receiver


The GPS is given the positions satellites in the sky, then it calculates how far you are from each satellite, then calculates your position on the Earth.


This is only my rough guess at some input into this project of yours.


Some powerpoints are at this google link


Some are long, and will take a bit to download.

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I would suggest that you go to You tube and search geocache where you'll find a lot of video but then I read you were going to use an endless loop of a cartoon to take up 1 minute of your professor's time. Nevermind.


No, you misunderstand. There is a 1 minute minimum. A repeating loop of satellites spinning around earth means it is over a minute. Unless you are thinking my teacher will sit there and watch it forever. I'm by no means limited to one video either, I just want the spinning satellites because it is relevant, and would look cool.


Thanks GOT GPS, I'll look at a few of those and get some ideas.


My presentation will be to someone who probably has heard of GPS, but isn't really into it like we are on this forum, so my presentation is going to be fairly simple. The video, or animation, is just to prove that I can insert multimedia into a presentation. The class is Intro to Computers, a required prerequisite.

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