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Red checkmarks on GC.com maps


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Here's another plea to update the checkmarks for found caches on the GC maps. I rely on them a LOT, as I like to visually see an area and which caches I've already found (and not). The GC maps are still the easiest way - when they are current! I am also don't have checkmarks for the past six weeks or so.

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I travel to different cities and states and I found that the gc map with the checks is a great tool, especially when I'm going back into the area and want to find a few more caches. During the summer I had the problem where my activity was not working on the gc map. I really missed it, and was very glad when it was correct once again.


I also like to goto a cache to start my search, and then goto google map with geocaching. I then drag down the highway my path and bookmark caches along the way. I find it a very satisfying way to seek caches in unknown areas and when planning my travel agenda.

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