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Streets & Trips GPS reciever units any good?


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I was thinking of getting the plug in GPS reciver that comes with the Streets & Trips software....

Has anyone out there tried this product? I currently just hook up my 60csx to the laptop and use it with the S&T software.

I was wondering if the little USB / Plug in reciever that comes with the package does a very good job with accuracy, and holding a good signal while traveling?


Any help would be appreciated.

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I run the topo software on my GPS, & use my laptop with Streets & Trips for the driving directions, I figured if I have the Microsoft reciever, I won't have to plug my GPS into the laptop for driving.


If it runs from sirfIII, that's what I was hoping for, I just didn't want to buy it, and fing out the reciever was weak, and loose signal any time I drove under tree cover or something.


Thanks for the info

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The unit is a Pharos receiver. 2006 and earlier were 360's, IIRC. The 2007 version is bundled with the Pharos GPS-500 which is indeed a SirfStar III unit.


The way it's bundled is a little funky. The GPS (about the size of a keychain) plugs into a little slug (about 1/2 of a USB memory key) and the USB cable plugs into that. Reception is as excellent as you expect a SirfStar III to be.


Oh, and it works in GPSBabel's tracking mode once the GPS is in NMEA mode and not Sirf binary protocol mode....


S&T 2007 with the GPS is on sale right now for $79 at Staples in store or with free delivery.

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I just got an Earthmate LT-20 bundled with Street Atlas USA 2005 for 69 bucks at Fry's. Seems great so far!


I have the same software for my Treo. Good software. The Bluetooth unit connects fast and locks on sats very fast! Only used it for caching a couple of times before getting my rino. Overall, very satisfactory for caching. Downside is i can't use my phone while caching... :D



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