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People That Take TB's...And Never Move Them On


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What do you do when people take TB's and never move them on? I have a couple that were taken, logged out and never moved on...even though I see that these GeoCachers are still active and logging their finds.


I've emailed them and even offered to come get them from them...but no response.


It ain't the TB, money or whatever...just the principal of it.

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I hear ya, I finally got a response from a guy who's been holding one of my bugs since April. He got a job with the railroad in Canada and won't be home for a while to drop the bug. That's just the way it's going to be.


Personally, I recommend waiting at least two-three months before contacting a cacher concerning holding a bug. You don't always know the situation that may keep a cacher from going out and dropping your bug. When you do contact them, be friendly, understanding, and even offer to pay to have them mail it back to you. (Or pick it up as you did).


Then let it go. They got your email, sending more ain't gonna help other than to pester and annoy . Wait another three months before contacting them again.


It ain't easy and it ain't right, but there ain't much else to do.


(edit: Decided to shorten my wait time)

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Consider it gone, reissue the TB and send it out again?


We have one that we launched at an event and it never got the chance to log a single mile. The folks that took it have been actively caching and have not placed it. They do not return emails. That's life.


We'll reassign the number to our Jeep and keep on cachin'.

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After a month, I said them an email asking when will they be moving our TB along. I suggest to them that if they have stopped geocaching, they could drop off the TB in the last nearest cache they have found.


If that does not work after several months and they themselves happen to have hidden a cache, I will post a note on their cache asking them to move the TB along, please.


But it also depends on how long has someone been geocaching, if they have like 100+ finds under their belt I will just wait, because to me those folks are more dedicated to the activity. If the TB holder is a newbie, well to me thats the scariest, they may lose interest and the TB will end up in a box, in drawer, a glove box or on as a cute dangily thing off their computer.

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It happens.


I just had one vanish in Maryland. I e-mailed the cache owner, and everyone that logged a visit from when it was put in, to when it was reported missing.


By some miracle, none of those cachers took it. It just left on its own, I guess. The worst part is, this bug was previously missing, and re-appeared.


I doubt if that will happen twice.


I guess some people feel they have a right to keep what isn't theirs. We call it a Sense of Entitlement.

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An awful lot of bugs seem to be taken by people who quit geocaching. :anitongue:

Then again , I have one that was picked up in March. After two months, I sent a kindly e-mail. Okay, I sent two. It was 'dropped' in a cache in June. No one has seen it since. I rather suspect that it was never dropped in that cache. I'd guess that she lost it, and 'dropped' it to avoid any more e-mails. I was a pretty TB, and some people keep TBs because they're pretty, or don't know what to do with them. I think this one was probably just lost. Oh, well.

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