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Loss of Adventure

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Last week I stumbled onto Waymarking.com for the first time and after going though the site I had some concerns. So I emailed Groundspeak and in there reply they said "Since this is a concept that affects all users, I am going to suggest that you post this in the forums." So here it is...




Well I have been a geocacher for some years now and today I discovered that you did away with specific types of caches and found your Waymarking site. After giving it a good look though I can tell you that the Waymarking site is very hard to navigate though and as far as I can tell you have taken the adventure out of what the old virtual type caches did. The fun in finding a cache that wasn’t really there was that you needed to find a sign or take your picture in front of something to something really wild to find, etc but you rarely knew what you were even looking for until you arrived at the location. As I looked though the site I saw that as it grows it would be good for finding points on interest when on vacation or in a unfamiliar area if you wanted to find food or something like that as long as you knew what you wanted to find. But there’s no task for getting credit and a picture of what you are going to see when you get there, there is no mystery to it. Am I missing the point? I would like to hear your comments on the matter.




I think this is a rather serous issue because its changing the game as we know it. I don't what to loose what geocaching has become. It is one thing to add to the sport (to be creative in coming up with new ways to seek, find, and place caches) but it is quite anouther to take away from what we all have come to enjoy when we are geocaching.

I know the basic concept is not changing and most likely not going to change. Why not just keep Geocaching.com what it has been and bring Waymarking.com up along side to be what it will be?

Please post coments and email this to all the geocachers every where so we can let the admin and developers at Groundspeak know what we want...

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I actually liked the Waymarking concept when it first came out and created a few waymarks and tried to log a few, but what has turned me off is that the site seems to be so "dead" (i.e. I have few if any visits to any of my waymarks, and often I'm the only visitor at the ones I've found). Maybe better integration with GC.com would help. I admit "giving up" on the site is kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy, if others feel the way I do, we're kind of "killing it ourselves", but maybe as winter comes we'll try to visit some more waymarks.

I think there is some confusion here.


Pick any "Category" and you'll find "Waymarks"

Check the "Waymarks" and you'll find very few "Visits" :cry:


Now lets look at L.Cs. If you are the owner of an "LC' you get lots (hopefully) log visits, but each log/post doesn't get any visits at all. ( a 1 step 2 step system)


LCs = "Categories"

LC logs= "Waymarks"

LC logs= no visits :cry:

Waymarks get visits


Go find and submit a "Category" or find someone elses and be the first to submit a "Waymark" or maybe "Visit" one yourself. (a 1 step -2 step -3 step system)

So where is the beef? Is this it? ---> :cry:

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