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!GeoCoin Question!

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Ok, I was handed this geocoin about a year ago for finding a cache. I have decided to pass this coin along. However, I can find no information in this coin. Maybe you guys and gals can help me. I will do my best to describe it and not give out the tracking number.


1. Gold coin


2. 1 1/2"


3. Front has the state of California, 4 hikers and reads "California", "The Golden State", "Eureka", and a compass the has "N37*09.970 W119*26.970", and a 4 digit number at the bottom.


4. Back has the geocache logo, "You are the search engine", "geocaching.com", "2004", and the used with permission disclamer.


Thats it. I want to drop this coin off here in Iraq soon but I dont want it to be just a floating coin. Can any of you help find out how to track this coin. And I did try to do the tracking by the number but cant fond anything on it. Thanks again for any help.....

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Does it look like




If this is the coin it is not tracking on geocaching.com. You can make it trackable like what was mentioned in the previous post. You could leave it in a cache, but there just will be no way to track its progress.



Yep, thats the one. Thanks guys for all the help. I guess I will hold on to it for a little longer till i can get done up right. Thanks again.

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If you'd like to track a Geocoin in Iraq... I'd be happy to send you one that you can track.


I don't know how long it would take to get to you, but I could try.


Are you serving there?


If so, please send an address and I will send a little care package.


Is there anything else you might want from Home?


~Fluttershy :mad:

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