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Cadastral Survey Marker

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For various reasons, cadastral survey monuments do not always/seldom 'qualify' as geodetic survey monuments.

Primarily a difference in standards, no doubt.

You can always log it at Waymarking.com if so inclined.

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Cadastral monuments are rarely included in the NGS or GC.com lists because they are just that - cadastral monuments. The NGS lists geodetic monuments used for geodetic purposes. Occasionally, cadastral monuments serve double duty and get used during a geodetic survey, and occasionally that geodetic information gets submitted to, and published by, the NGS. As such, while some cadastral marks are in the NGS & GC.com lists, they are a rare exception.


Cadastral monuments and geodetic monuments are both survey monuments, but of a different nature. Geodetic monuments are used to help define the physical shape of the Earth's surface. Cadastral monuments are to help define property boundaries or political boundaries such as park boundaries and County & State lines. Both types are placed to exacting standards, however those standards are not always equally interchangable.


A search of 'cadastral' will show more information on the differences between the two types of marks.


- Kewaneh

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# most cadasters are based on plane surveys


* surveyors have measured the boundaries and property lines as planar distances from known locations or benchmarks or monuments

* many, but not all, benchmarks are tied to actual geodetic control points (longitude/latitude or State Plane Coordinates)


# conflicts occur when boundaries plotted from survey data overlap or fail to meet.



The use of State Plane Coordinates provides all the advantages of geodetic position data from which they were derived and to which they are permanently related without introducing any of the difficulties associated with geodetic computations.


Fundamentals of Surveying




And most if not all Initial Points have a Geodetic Benchmark associated with them.

As well as many not so famous or well known Initial Points.


The Main reason for this example is a recent Waymark was denied because I was told it had no geodetic position associated with it when is fact it does.


I wanted to bring out a discussion on these points for a future reference point on which we could all discuss.


Another great article:


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