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Explorist 500 bundle $189.00


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Go to buydig.com they have the Explorist 500 bundle with Mapsend DirectRoute, windshield mount and all accessories for $189.00 with free shipping. The free shipping says 8-10 days, I received mine in 2 1/2 days.

I had a problem unlocking the DirectrRoute program due to my losing my internet connection (dial-up) and I needed to contact Magellan customer support. I must say they took care of me. I was very pleased with the results, It was quick and the person was very pleasant. The 500 is great, color, auto route, geocach manager, expandable memory (currently using a 1 gig stick). This is definitely one sweet unit for the price. Now I just need to get the Topo maps for it.

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The Explorist 500 is now discontinued. If you go to the Magellan web site you won't see it listed any more.


That's not to say it's not a good unit, but it does explain why everyone has it on sale. You shouldn't have any trouble getting maps for it. They will still be available for years to come.

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The Explorist 500 is discontinued. The 500 LE is the replacement. Same unit, but it uses the AAA battery clip instead of the rechargable Li-ion battery. Costco currently has a great bundle deal for $179 including the Topo3D software:




There is a similar thread going here:




I'm off to research Garmin units. :anitongue:



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