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The best cacher in the Spokane area... Why do I only get to pick 1?

Moun10bike came from this area(if I remember correctly...)

Rosco Bookbinder( Hid Some rather interesting local caches(i.e. *.*(GCQ9TB)))

Everyone Else... WAY too many to post why I love your caches each and every one...


The Steaks

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Around here that is hard to say. Dan-oh created some clever and extremely-brilliant caches. :D Let's Look Over Thayer has some creative cache writeups and great puzzles. :D The DAK Girls caches always get on people's Top 10 lists. :D My favorite might be T.R. Violin however, because his caches frequently take you along hiking trails and up mountain peaks. His sense of humor often comes through in his cache names.


My favorites list would include different hiders, like FlagMan, if I could only figure out the Puzzle caches . . . :D

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Western North Carolina


I just checked my bookmark of My Top Caching Experiences and found that at least 9 (of the 109 currently on the list) were placed by wanderlust (sometimes accompanied by Laughing Moon). They have been out of caching for a few years and most of their caches were adopted. I like their caches because they usually took you to an awesomely beautiful location or made you look at an area in an entirely new way.


Eight of the caches on that bookmark were placed by johnboy (sometimes accompanied by Cap'n Omo). These caches are/were just fun! johnboy has 9 multi-caches and eight of them are on my list! They will make you work -- physically and mentally!

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Northwestern Illinois...


I'm from Galesburg, IL. The best hider there would probably have to be Madkaw. Of course, I'm sort of his "apprentice" when it comes to geocaching so I'm biased. Also there's relatively few cachers in Galesburg proper. (Sorry, Elburto. I don't think I've done enough of your caches to be a good judge! *blush*)


Quad Cities... Too many good hiders to name, but I'll try. Hunt & Peck's caches are usually very unique and he's a stickler for difficulty too! Oldtimer's caches are great. Shadow Cachers are a really nice crew and I've been impressed with their caches.


Haven't done any caching in Peoria proper yet, but directly to the west of Peoria I'd have to say Slowpokes caches are the best thought out and executed.


My twopence.

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