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[[GAME]] Submit the best design.


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This is a game to see who can make the overall best design for a geocoin. Anything goes. The geocoin design will be evaluated by me to see if I like it. If I do and the contest is over (12/2/06) your geocoin will be produced. (Hopefully :laughing: )


The winner will get 2 full sets of the coin!



The winner also gets 50% of the profits and their name in bold on the coin

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The winner will get 2 full sets of the coin!


Ummm... NOT! :laughing:


Split the profits 50/50 and you "might" get some submissions. B)


Sorry, too many of us here know that you can make a descent amount of $$ producing a coin and selling it. How much depends on how much mark up you put on the final selling price.


Anyone "giving" you a design for just 2 sets would be foolish.

There are too many coin producers that will take good design ideas from cachers and make them. And they get WAY more compensation for the idea than "2 SETS".


EDIT: this was posted while I was posting

Oh! I forgot to add that the person gets their name on the back of the coin. "Artwork done by __________" In bold!


Most the coin producers will give credit to the cacher as well. :ph34r:


D-man :ph34r:

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