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Unpublished Cache Deletion


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A while back I started the review process for a cache, but I was denied by the land owner, and now have permission for another location, and would like to just completely delete my unpublished cache and make a new one; can I do this? Do I archive the cache? If I archive it, does it still show up that it once existed, even if unpublished? I'd really like to fully delete it... If I can't do this, can I just re-edit all the info? I was wondering about the moderator note; is the log it adds initially before it is submitted for approval the moderator tag? Or does an email actually go to a moderator with a note to not consider it until the cache is actually submitted? If someone could just clarify this for me, that'd be great.




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You should be able to edit everything to fit your new cache and delete any moderator logs from the old one. There is no way to completely "delete" an archived cache. So, if it was never published, go ahead and reuse the page.


That's the best way to do it. An added bonus is that you already know the GC # for the cached and can mark your container with the info.

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