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Chili Pepper Coin


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Just wanted to share with my fellow coin collectors that I am coming out with a new coin. Jaime from Mad Hatters Neverland did my artwork and Steve from Hogwildstuff is doing the minting and finalizing the look. I have been pleased with both and feel their work is outstanding!


Let me know what yall think.




The coin will be: 1.5 inch longest

The coin will be: 3mm

It will be trackable with an Icon.

At the moment, I am not sure if I will sell, I am more interested in trading, but if I do sell, I will sell for around $8.50 - $9.00

I am going to make 250 for now. We are working with different colors and looks so I can not give you a break down of how many reds, greens etc... will be made.


I am hoping the coin will be available by the end of December, early January. Please let me know if you are interested in a trade or possible purchase. And let me know what you think.


Thanks! Elisa of Georeynozos

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Very neat coin! Being from New Mexico, I don't know if I choose between a red or green coin. In fact, that gives an idea for a race! I'll get one of each to travel. I'll start them both in the southern part. The first coin that makes it up to the northern border and back down again wins. That'll finally answer the question, "Red or green?"

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After talking with my dad about these coins, we came up with some comments/suggestions for the colors.


We aren't sure if the third coin pictured is supposed to be "green" or not, but it looks more tannish... maybe a light green- but not really the green I'd think of for green chili. Also, he had suggested using a green text color for the red chili (and I guess red text on the green chili).

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I would trade or buy, but I definately want one. I don't know why I feel I have to have all personal coins from Texans!


I'm with you MustangJoni....as a Texan, I feel like I just "gotta" have every personal coin from every cacher in the state!...lol...

I would definitely be up for a trade for all threee of these...and probably would buy if I "had" too..

Love the jalapeno effect.

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Thank you for all the positive and constructive comments. I will sell some coins to any interested cachers. When I officially get the coin in hand, I will post to the board and alert everyone of the coins being in my possession. :rolleyes:


Again, I am interested in trades, so if you have a personal coin (metal only), trackable or non-trackable, I will trade.


I will sell, keeping price low $8.50 to$9.00.


Please keep an eye on this forum for future posts from me.


Thank you!! :)

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