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Swansea caches

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Hi everyone, I haven't visited the forums for ages - I've been ill, so Geocaching has had to take a back seat for a month or two.


Anyway - we have finally sold our house, so the move to Dorset is definitely on. Would anyone be willing to maintain our two remaining Swansea caches for us?


They are Mine, All Mine and Swansea Iron Bridge


Mine, All Mine in particular is quite popular, so it would be a shame to have to archive it. If anyone would be willing to look after it for us, it would be much appreciated. The log book was replaced quite recently, and it is quite well hidden, so there shouldn't be too many maintenance problems.


Swansea Iron Bridge is a 'cache and dash', and I think, even though it's right next to the path, it's the most muggle-proof cache we've got - so again, hopefully there won't be any issues.


Thank you,



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Matrix - thank you for your offer. I received four emails, but yours was the first. We would be very grateful if you could take them on for us. I think you can get the cache page to show who maintains them, but I'm not sure - I'll do some investigating!


Thanks to everyone else who offered, and also thank you to Write & Mane for contacting some other cachers for us.

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