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The -=Cornish Geocoin 2007-=

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Which side would that be? I have to say I don't think I've seen the new IOM coin and if the its the Celtic Cross side then I used some Copyright free clipart to base the image on. There was no intention to copy the IOM coin.


Apologies, I wasn't intending to infer that you'd used the same design in any way, or even that you'd seen it! I expect that yours was finished before mine. You can get a rough idea of the IOM design from my avatar, however.

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Arrived today ! Fantastic Coin with an excellent design.................you should be very proud of yourself !!


Just wait to you see "your" Geocoin out there in the wild.........with other cachers eagerly trying find/discover them !! It's a fantastic feeling !..........well done.


To anyone else thinking of designing their own.............my advice is go for it !! Hard work, but more than worth it !!!


many thanks,


John. ;)

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:laughing: Still waiting for mine.

I'm amazed - coins have got to the North of Scotland, Cumbria and the Isle of Man - yet people 20 miles from me are still waiting!


Maybe if you'd written "Devon" on the envelopes rather than "Over Yonder", we'd have had a Devon delivery by now :D:D

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Over Yonder is a Devenish term.... I wrote T'other side of the big bridge instead.....

Mine haven't got to the other side of this bridge yet :D But am I bitter?...

Here I am, a Cornish girl, living in hostile foreign territory where even the postal service conspires against me receiving my rightful coinage! :laughing:



(...consoling herself with copious quantities of "thunder and lightning" :D)

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