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Venture CX and EGNOS


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As far as I'm aware, EGNOS is the european equivalent of WAAS. You set it up as if you were enabling WAAS on your GPSr. Mine is a 60CSx but I think the menus are probably the same:


Go to Main Menu

Select Setup

Select System

Highlight WAAS/EGNOS and enable it.


In my experience I rarely get the EGNOS satellites in normal use where I am in SE England. However I have occasionally got a lock on sat 37, which then gives me 'D's on all the other satellite bars. However it doesn't seem to improve the accuracy over when there aren't 'D's.


With the bigger skies in Cornwall you might get the EGNOS satellites more easily and more of the time?

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thanks for that, did email garmin they said the same thing, and also:


'EGNOS is currently in its infancy and so is not entirely up and running. Dueto the EGNOS system being in the testing stage, it is at present unreliableand should not be used until it is fully functioning for commercial usehopefully later this year or early 2007. On occasions the accuracy of theunit will be increased but as mentioned it shouldn't be relied upon'

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