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What Will The Price Be On This?

WWC-World's Worst Cacher

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I'll tell you what, I've never seen a thread fill up so quickly! 150 posts already, so I'll be on the 4th page.


Let's see. I'll be buying a set, I suppose sometime, so the contest is really just to get in on the 'fun' of this thread.




Two coins, 1 trackable, 1 copy.


Let's say 2*pi = $6.283185307179586476925286766559


(Since it's a guess anyway, I might as well be precise)

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Some of you are sooooooooo close! Although, I am not going to share with you at this time who it is. :anicute: And yes, I have this huge, beautiful coin sitting in front of my computer. We got 6 of these in 6 different metals. Jamie at Madhattersneverland designed the coin. That was a truely fun experience. I am totally NOT an artist! It was like he was able to read my mind & it was all done just through e-mails. Keep up the great guessing! Someone's going to get an awesome (if I do say so myself :wub: ) pair of coins for free! In case you are wondering, the icon is my avatar. Wouldn't that be cool if they would allow animation!

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