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kudos to griker and cypherman


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griker has an excellent manual with sample files showing how to use custom TYP files to alter polylines, points and polygons in maps produced with GPSMapEdit/cGPSMapper. Get his manual HERE His email address is griker98121 (at) yahoo (dot) com


cypherman has a nice application for installing TYP and mapsets into Mapsource. Get his application HERE His email address is cypherman1 (at) gmail (dot) com


Here is a Mapsource screenshot of a custom map I made using GIS data downloaded from USGS and NHD Geodatabase for roads, rivers, towns, lakes, railroads plus GPS tracks from an ATV park in TN. I used a TYP file to edit the color and width of the ATV trails to better help distinguish trail types north (purple/green) and south (yellow/cyan) of Highway 116. Sure looks good on the GPSr too!



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