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Ferreter5 Geocoin

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It's finally happened. I have in my hot little paws an entire box full of my very own personal Ferreter5 geocoins!




Coin details:


Diameter : 1.75in (45mm)
Thickness: 3.5mm
Finish   : Front Antique Copper / Back Polished Copper
Quantity : 100
Colors   : All colors are hard enamel
Numbered : Yes, individually numbered
Trackable: No, not trackable on geocaching.com site
Price	: Not for sale, for trade only


Front design:


It's probably pretty obvious that the critter on the front comes from my geocaching name, Ferreter5. It is depicted in a heraldic rampant pose with a bushy tail representative of a ferret when it is excited and doing the weasel wardance. My geocaching name comes from a time when we had five fantastic ferrtets as pets.


Ferrets do everything 110%. They play hard, eat hard, sleep hard, and poop hard. The text around the outside is a saying reflecting the great gusto and moxy with which ferrets live their lives.


Back design:


The back of the coin represents where I live: the town of Canandaigua, Ontario County, New York. The center is the flag of Ontario County which includes the native american Iroquois people's Tree of Peace. To learn more about the Tree of Peace story, please visit this site:




Canandaigua is the name of the town I live in, and the nearby finger lake, and the city at the north end of the lake. It is a Seneca word meaning The Chosen Place, and it is pronounced: kan-ann-DAY-gwah.


I'd love to trade coins with folks so if you'd like to trade for one of my coins, please send me e-mail at:


ferreter5 AT thewildhunt DOT com


You can see what other coins I currently have for trading, what coins I am specifically looking for, and what coins I currently have in my collection at:




I am interested in just about every type of geocoin: personal, geocaching organization, state/province/country, event, special purpose, trackable, non-trackable, etc.

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The first stack of trades were mailed on Friday (Nov 17th), and I sent e-mail to those folks.


I have another stack to take to the post office on Monday (Nov 20th), and I'll send folks e-mail once the coins are on their way.


Thank you to everyone who has wanted to trade! I still have some left available for trading.

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Will u be leaving any in caches for those of us "in the neighborhood". i'd be ecstatic to find one of your coins as a FTF prize or somthing (alothough the chances of getting their forst are pretty slim for me).

Yupperdoodles! I'm thinking of leaving some as first-to-find prizes in future caches I hide as well as occasionally leaving one in my already hidden caches when I do maintenance runs.

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Just found out a few e-mail messages sent to me recently never arrived at my in-box. If you've sent me a message for a trade or with your mailing address and I haven't replied, your message may have never made it to me.


If so, please send me another e-mail message and make a post here so I know to expect your message.


Thank you very much!


I do still have some of my personal coins left to trade too.

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:cry: I got my coins a few days ago. I emailed Ferreter5 but forgot to post here. I have to say the coins are very well done. The picture posted does not do this coin any justice. They are absolutely amazing in person. Anyone thinking about trading but haven't done it yet, get one before it is too late. you may be sorry...... Just my two cents for the day.


Thanks for the trade Ferreter5. This one is a keeper!!


edit for spelling errors as usual.

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Wow, thank you for the high praise, crazycavelover!


I have to say that the coins turned out exactly like I'd pictured them when I first did the design. I'm really happy with the way they ended up looking.


And yeah, I wish I was a better photographer and could capture how they really look with a photo.

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Here's a photo I took of the coin:



Very nice coin with shiny copper on one side and antique copper on the other. This is also a very substantial coin, weighing around 46g.

Wow, excellent photograph! :D


And, thanks for the kind words about how the coin looks and feels. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

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