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here comes a muggle. you're busted. what do you do?


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Say nothing to the muggles except, "Darmok at Tenegra. Shaka, when the walls fell."


I would almost suggest that if one were to do that and the individual that one is talking to isn't familiar with ST:TNG ya might be talking to the cops and/or facing a possible psych eval.




Let 'em examine my head again, they aint found nuthin' yet! :D

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Apart from encountering property owners or the authorities what the heck business of anyone else's is it what I am doing? I have the privilege of wandering around public lands enjoying the flora and fauna, aimlessly if I wish and in some places even nude if I wish. What does it matter to anyone else? I also probably wouldn't hand out a brochure on the topic of geocaching unless that information was requested.


Why do we think we are any different than anyone else in public and must offer an explanation of our presence?


Bill & Tammy,


Very well said and put. But in the interest of NOT having the cops called on one, what is wrong with explaining what yer doing? And I for one would not mind seeing more caches placed in nudist friendly locations. I know, I know there are those in the Geocaching community would say/argue that such a cache isn't "family friendly" but "argument" comes from those who don't really understand what nudism/naturalism is about.



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Why dont yall just tell them what your doing? Thats what we do. If you dont tell them, they may call cops, or be suspicious. If you dont tell them, then other people wont get interested into geocaching. If we get more people geocaching, then GPS manufacturers may start to listen to us more and would be known more. JMHO

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Happened to me today on my second ever cache! I had located the cache and waved it in the air and yelled to my buddy when a guy on a mountain bike came rolling up and asked what we were looking for. He actually scared the cr*p out of me... and I spun around with the cache in my hand and said "this"! We opened it, showed him the log, etc... and he told us he lived in a house that bordered the park we were in and had noticed folks wandering around in these trees on a regular basis. He was in his house and noticed us and hopped on his bike to get down to us real quick because he said he'd been dying to know what folks were looking for in the park but by the time he got down there, they were usually gone. He was really curious about the GPS device and wanted to see how it worked. We explained caching the best we could then he said "hey, I bet this would be fun to do with my son"! Turns out he was an outdoors kind of guy hunting, fishing, hiking and had spent plenty of time in this same park hunting for things with a metal detector! I gave him a card that I wrote the geocaching.com URL on and I'm pretty sure he was headed home to shop for a GPS!


In one day I found my firsrt ever cache and may have helped someone else find hours of enjoyment with their kid... I think I've done my job!

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